Compex Sponsors Wi -Fi Alliance Booth at CES with Presentation of Compex's New Wireless Router, NP26G

Compex will join in display of wireless standard compatibility with 802.11g wireless broadband router, NetPassage 26G

Anaheim, CA - December 23, 2003 - Compex proudly declares its Wi -Fi Alliance (WFA) sponsorship and participation in the Wi -Fi showcase at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show. Compex will not only be displaying its spotlight grabbing technology at the International 2004 CES but will be present at Wi -Fi showcase booth number 21960. As a member of WFA, Compex was invited to grab a widely coveted spot in the Wi -Fi Showcase floor. Compex will use its spot to show off four new products including NetPassage 26G, which will be the focal point of Compex's CES booth in South Hall 3 and 4 number 22717B. Compex wireless products uphold all WFA standards on top of IEEE standards, which make them universally compatible with any other products that go by WFA guidelines. The point of the display is to demonstrate the compatible yet varied array of WFA standard wireless products. Compex is excited to display a portion of its high -quality wireless technology in the company of WFA members to strengthen the demonstration of wireless product unity.

Compex is preparing for both displays with the aim to fully demonstrate the company's versatile and advanced range of technology at CES. The International 2004 CES, which is a huge high point during the year for electronics companies, is set to be the highest attended show in CES history. The Consumer Electronics Association has announced that government officials will be in attendance along with the press and regular show attendees. Members of the FCC such as the Honorable Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, will grace CES according to the CEA. For further information about the events Compex is participating in log on to .

About the Wi -Fi Alliance
The Wi -Fi Alliance (formerly WECA) is a nonprofit organization formed in 1999 to certify interoperability of IEEE 802.11 products and to promote them as the global, wireless LAN standard across all market segments. The Wi -Fi Alliance has instituted a test suite that defines how member products are tested to certify that they are interoperable with other Wi -Fi CERTIFIED™ products. These tests are conducted at an independent laboratory. Membership in the Wi -Fi Alliance is open to all companies that support the 802.11 standards. The Wi -Fi Alliance now comprises over 200 members from the world's leading companies. These companies offer over 800 Wi -Fi CERTIFIED™ products. For more information, please visit www.wi

About Compex
Compex is a distinguished, market -driven leader in the networking and wireless connectivity industry. Compex designs, develops, and manufacturers integrative end -user and enterprise level products to fulfill Broadband, Wireless LAN, Bluetooth and IRDA solution needs. Compex seeks to address and fulfill market demands with relevant and innovative solutions. Compex products are available through a large network of distributors, resellers, on/off line retailers, and catalogs. Further information on Compex products can be found at

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