Artistic Audio Home Theater Loudspeaker Design Achieves High "Spouse Approval Factor" Score

The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that women will account for 55 percent of the $100 billion Americans will spend on consumer electronics this year.

(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) - - - The Consumer Electronics Association estimates that women will account for 55 percent of the $100 billion Americans will spend on consumer electronics this year, and manufacturers have gone to great lengths to develop designs for cell phones, personal data assistants (PDAs), computers and other gadgets that appeal to feminine tastes. Home theater however, where men still make the majority of purchase decisions, has lagged behind other segments of the industry.

While today's flat -screen televisions are winning over women whose husbands long for giant screen home theater entertainment, traditional big -box loudspeakers remain a point of contention in the battle of the sexes. To help bridge this gap - the so -called "spouse approval factor" - and enhance domestic tranquility, the designers at Artistic Audio have created a home theater loudspeaker system that generates the 360 -degree high fidelity sound that men want with an eye -catching contemporary design that women don't feel they have to hide or design around.

"We honestly didn't set out to build loudspeakers that would end arguments between husbands and wives," said Artistic Audio Founder and President John Larsen, "but our design philosophy is that the look of the speakers should enhance their sound and in creating our loudspeakers we developed a design that appeals to women and men alike."

Looking more like works of art, Artistic Audio's Mobius floor standing and Hemisphere satellite loudspeakers feature a sphere consisting of dual dome -shaped midbass drivers - each with an integrated tweeter - mounted back -to -back to generate a 360 -degree sound.

The Mobius loudspeakers include a sideward -mounted eight -inch subwoofer that ensures the smallest possible footprint for each speaker while enabling good low -frequency extension. The midbass sphere rests on a tuning fork -shaped velocity stack that minimizes diffraction and is angled to provide maximum phase/time alignment between the subwoofer and midbass voice coils. Hemispheres are mounted on a swivel arm, enabling the owner to suspend the speakers from the ceiling, mount them to a wall or place them on a tabletop or other horizontal surface.

Artistic Audio has twice won Design & Engineering Showcase Honors at the Consumer Electronics Show's Innovations competition for its innovative loudspeaker design, and a Design Excellence Award from Audio/Video Interiors magazine in May 2003.

Based in Kansas City, Mo., Artistic Audio is owned by brothers John and James Larsen, who hold the titles of president and vice president, respectively. Serious audio enthusiasts since childhood, the two have been designing and building audio components since 1994. For more information or to place an order for Mobius and Hemisphere loudspeakers, visit their booth at the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show (Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall, Booth 15824), contact Artistic Audio at +1 -816 -228 -2376 or visit their Web site at

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