Snell Introduces New Line of High Performance Speakers Designed by Joe D'Appolito

Eight new models offer a higher level of sonic accuracy with striking esthetic appeal

Snell Acoustics, acclaimed for its tradition of handcrafted loudspeakers with leading edge designs, will introduce the Series 7 loudspeakers, the first line designed from the ground up by famed chief designer Joe D'Appolito during CES 2004 this week in Las Vegas.

The visually striking Series 7 consists of eight new models, starting with two, 2 -way bookshelves, both using a single woofer (either 6.5 -inch, 5.25 -inch). Next is an LCR incorporating the well -known D'Appolito Array that creates a very broad, even vertical and horizontal dispersion using dual 5.25 -inch woofers arranged over and under a 1 -inch silk dome tweeter. The D'Appolito array, the basis for the eXpanding array used in Snell's critically acclaimed XA Series loudspeakers provides an exceptionally open, lucid, and dynamic sound with superb clarity, so that groups of listeners can enjoy the maximum from recorded music and movie soundtracks. For full range floorstanding applications there is a beautiful tower. It is a 2 1/2 way design with two 6.5" woofers, one for bass, the other for mids and lows, and a silk dome tweeter. The tower sits in a casted aluminum bass, stabilized by four integrated feet. Each model in the series is timbrally and cosmetically matched so any number of combinations can be created, to suite any listening and home theater environment.

"Our goal in designing the Series 7 was to produce a range of loudspeakers offering new level of sonic accuracy and esthetic appeal at affordable prices, " says Joseph D'Appolito, Snell Acoustics Chief Designer. "We selected a new line of drivers from a world -class manufacturer that incorporates the latest advances in dynamic driver design. In a parallel effort our industrial design team developed a sleek contemporary look combining the best of wood and metal trim to fit in with a wide range of decorating styles."

The center channel model is oriented horizontally and can be placed directly on a Projection TV or a stand under the TV. The dedicated surround speaker can be switched to function as either a monopole or a dipole depending on the needs of the customer, providing a combination of sonic diffusion and excellent localization of effects and instruments -for the best of both worlds in surround sound. There are two powered subwoofers, one rated at 150 watts, best suited for smaller listening rooms. The other contains a heftier 300 -watt amp and is powerful enough for the most demanding home theaters.

The variety of models in the Series 7 allows any number of combinations to be created, tailored specifically to the needs of the consumer and their listening environment. The Series 7 loudspeakers come in two different finishes - natural Cheery w/silver grilles and anodized aluminum accents or black painted wood with black grilles and black anodized accents. All Series 7 speakers are provided with dual, 5 -way silver -plated, solid metal binding posts and are magnetically shielded, for use in proximity to video monitors. The finishes and cabinet construction are consistent throughout the line for easy mixing and matching of various models. Like all Snell speakers, the Series 7 models are tuned to .5dB of the reference master and can be special ordered in most woods and finishes,

The Series 7 will be on display in Booth # 1642 in the South Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2004. Ongoing demonstrations will be held in a hospitality suite at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, Room C2030. The entire Series 7 will be available in First Quarter 2004 and start at $1,200 a pair.

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