Panamax To Showcase New Products at the International CES 2004

Panamax Products Will Exhibit at the CES 2004 at the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall 1&2, Booth #18434

PETALUMA, CA - December 16, 2003 - Panamax, the industry -leading manufacturer of power conditioning and protection products, will exhibit at CES 2004, January 8 -11, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Panamax will primarily showcase the first line in the brand new PRO Series, the MAX In -Wall™ line, as well as demonstrate its premium power conditioning and protection products, the MAX® component line, all at Booth LVCCC So. 1&2/18434.

"Panamax is excited about making an impact on every level at CES 2004," said Don King, director of new product marketing for Panamax. "The totally innovative MAX In -Wall™ line is going to turn heads, with its entirely new approach to power conditioning."

Panamax's latest introduction, the MAX In -Wall™ PRO Series line, has been specifically designed as a code -compliant solution for system integrators. Designed with Michael Candea, special projects designer for Audio Advisors, the In -Wall family provides discreet wiring alternatives for properly protecting and grounding remote flat panel displays or ceiling -mounted video projectors -code -compliantly.

Five MAX® In -Wall products offer the professional installer and system integrator the necessary flexibility in creating clean power and signal distribution solutions in a variety of applications:

MIW -PowerKit -TL - The powerkit provides the ultimate, three -stage power solution for remote displays. In Stage One, the specially designed power cord and twist lock combination plug and receptacle allow remote displays to access clean power from your Panamax power distribution component at the main signal processor. Stage Two, the in -wall power cable delivers clean power to the display location, feeding the final in -wall outlet. Stage Three, the final in wall outlet provides a secure connection and additional filtration to eliminate any noise that may have been introduced along the way. This three -stage power solution eliminates competing ground reference points, providing clean power to remote displays.

Additional low voltage modules easily snap into the MIW wall kits for professional and code compliant installations:

MIW -Power - The AC power outlet accepts a variety of low voltage signal modules to create isolated ground reference points at each outlet location.

MIW -5RCA & MIW -VGA - These two low voltage signal modules are used in conjunction with the MIW -PowerKit -TL and MIW -Power units. The signal modules are designed to accommodate RGBHV, component and stereo audio, as well as composite and IR signals with a maximum of five RCA connections (MIW -5RCA), and HDDB15 cabling (MIW -VGA). The MIW -VGA includes a 3.5mm stereo phone jack for audio.

MIW -B&O - This module provides fixed architecture for one AC outlet, one master link, and one power link connector.

The flexibility offered by the MAX® In Wall family provides the installer with multiple solutions for clean power and signal distribution. The In -Wall Module Series, the first PRO Series release, is available now!

Panamax MAX® In -Wall Modules:

MIW -PowerKit -TL
PRO AC Twist Lock Power Installation Filter Kit

MIW -Power
PRO AC Installation Protector

PRO Signal Module

PRO Signal Module

PRO Combination AC and Signal for B&O Systems

Panamax - The Industry's Leader in Innovation and Technology

Panamax has been the premier power -conditioning manufacturer in the consumer electronics industry for over 25 years. Panamax has a staff of 5 full -time research & development specialists, and has introduced many technological innovations to the power -conditioning product arena. Dr. Richard L. Cohen, Vice President for New Technology, participates in the UL advisory group that sets standards for surge protectors, and is leading an IEEE surge protection working group to write a guide for lightning protection for residential electronics. Partly because of these relationships, Panamax products already meet new UL surge protector requirements that will go into effect in November 2003. Panamax also has a high -power test laboratory that is certified by CSA to perform agency testing, and has drawn on an unparalleled understanding of surge protection to create the finest power -conditioning products available in the market today.

About Panamax

For over 25 years, Panamax has specialized in producing the most innovative power -conditioning products available to protect home and small business electronics equipment from damage caused by power surges and lightning. The company's extensive line of award -winning power conditioners is designed to safeguard a wide array of electrical equipment including computers, telephone systems, copiers, domestic appliances, home theater and direct broadcast satellite systems. Panamax is ISO 9001 certified and markets its line of power conditioners throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Pacific Rim. The company has earned numerous industry awards, and is backed by outstanding customer service and the best warranties the industry has to offer.

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