The Barbie brand gets techno-savvy at CES 2004 as Oregon Scientific unveils electronic learning products that includes the Barbie™ B-Creative Education Center™.

Tualatin, OR - (December 12, 2003) - The Barbie brand gets techno -savvy in Oregon Scientific, Inc.'s unveiling of a full line of electronic learning products, that includes the all -new, award -inning Barbie™ B -Creative Education Center™ , at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Oregon Scientific, creators of the #1 Girls` Electronic Learning aid, the Barbie™ B -Book™ learning laptop, is continuing to raise the bar for electronic learning products. The company has combined the latest technology with the best -selling fashion doll of all time, Barbie®, and created an interactive learning center.

Oregon Scientific`s award -winning Barbie™ B -Creative Education Center™ learning system will be showcased, with the rest of the company`s ELP line (BOOTH #22605) at CES 2004 held January 8th -11th at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Steve Jackson, Executive Vice President of Oregon Scientific, and head of the Electronic Learning Products division, said, `We are very excited to expand our ELP line in our exhibit at CES. Our ELP products coincide with the current expansion of the consumer electronics market to a broader consumer base. High -tech products aren`t limited to tech -savvy young adults or top business executives anymore; technology is beneficial to all ages for many different reasons. CES is a great place for Oregon Scientific to showcase the educational value of technology.`

Oregon Scientific gained consumer trust as the as the creator of the Barbie™ B -Book™ learning laptop. Now, the company is building upon that successful consumer relationship with the introduction of the Barbie™ B -Creative? Education Center™, and has launched the company`s largest marketing campaign ever conducted for an Oregon Scientific electronic learning product. The marketing campaign includes television commercials for the Barbie™ B -Creative Education Center™ on The Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Nick Jr., in addition to print ads in several parent and child magazines.

With the Barbie™ B -Creative Education Center™ (suggested retail price $59.99) Barbie® brings learning to life in a completely interactive learning station that can also be connected to your TV, allowing Barbie® doll to jump from page to the TV screen. A microphone allows sing -a -longs with the voice of Barbie® doll that can all be stored on a memory cartridge. Many fun activities and games can be played as well. A touch of the "magic" pen adds music, sound effects, and explanations that complement books and different learning activities on cartridges. Endless activities give girls a head start when it comes to sharpening skills and gaining self -confidence. Activities are available for a range of age groups: Ages 3 -6 activities have Alphabet, Counting, Shapes, and Colors among other learning fun; and Ages 5 -8 add Reading, Language, and Math. Additional cartridges are sold separately.

Already gaining recognition in the industry by experts and parents, the Barbie™ B -Creative Education Center™ learning system has received top awards since its release in September. It was granted the Top Toy of the Year award in the educational category from Creative Child Magazine, a bi -monthly publication that delivers the latest information on how to nurture children`s creativity. In addition, the Barbie™ B -Creative Education Center™ was named an `All Star` on the Toy Wishes Magazine 2003 All -Star list.

`CES gives us an opportunity to demonstrate how we use technology in diverse mediums. For example, many of the ELPs contain the company`s core element, the LCD screen, manufactured by Oregon Scientific`s parent company, IDT,` Jackson said. `Utilizing recognizable popular brands, such as Barbie® and Hot Wheels™, help us to reach out to kids by adding extra fun and familiarity to the products.`

The Barbie® brand is the theme of 11 different Oregon Scientific electronic learning products. Various features of each of the Oregon Scientific Barbie™ products define the most appropriate product match for several different age ranges, intellectual levels, and advanced learning potential. The products feature different exciting activities, increasing the educational experience to include more activities in language, as well as more activities for children under five.

The Barbie™ B -Creative Education Center™ learning system joins the Oregon Scientific family of Barbie technology products, which ranges in suggest retail price from $19.99 through $99.99, and includes: the Barbie B -Book™, Barbie Talking Storybook, Barbie B -Book™ Desktop, Barbie B -Bright™ Laptop, Barbie Tote N` Teach , Barbie B -Smart™? and Stylish Compact, Barbie B -Brilliant™ Pocket PC, Barbie B -On The Go™ Learning Phone, Barbie B -Book On the Go™, and Barbie B -Smart™ Math N` Secrets™ Bracelet.

In 2000, Oregon Scientific acquired the electronic learning products from Mattel and introduced the first family of digital learning products based on the Barbie® brand. Soon after, Oregon Scientific and Mattel signed a separate license agreement with the Hot Wheels brand for electronic learning products. Together the Oregon Scientific licensed lines from Mattel provide a choice to consumers.

The Hot Wheels™ line by Oregon Scientific includes the Hot Wheels™ Quick Start™ Laptop, and the Hot Wheels Accelerator. All of the products in the Oregon Scientific Hot Wheels™ line are consistent with the recognizable, dynamic, colorful, blazing Hot Wheels™ logo and blue and orange colors that immediately imply the respect and high quality standards established by Mattel.

In 2003, Oregon Scientific was named Licensee of the Year by Mattel, Inc.'s Barbie Consumer Products Division, and in 2002, Oregon Scientific received Mattel's "Best Hardlines Design and Execution Award" for outstanding achievement in design and sales for its Barbie electronic learning products.
Oregon Scientific Barbie Electronic Learning Products do not have data storage or on -line capability.

Last year, Oregon Scientific made a strategic agreement with Flying Rhinoceros, Inc. which brought about a new line of products combining Oregon Scientific advanced technology with Flying Rhino certified academic content and original characters. The partnership formed new products such as an interactive dictionary and encyclopedia which contain school curriculum words and topics to provide valuable resources for the improvement of grade level appropriate word skills and overall academic performance. Utilizing touch technology, the Brain Book Interactive Dictionary ($39.99, Model #19033), and Big Brain Book Interactive Encyclopedia ($39.99, Model #19030) verbalize descriptions and definitions with exciting audible explanations, and offer interactive activities.

The Big Brain Book Creation Station ($59.99, Model #19027) is a learning station that features engaging, curriculum -based stories illustrated with original Flying Rhino characters and entertaining style and offers template stories to help children build important creative skills while increasing vocabulary and developing reading abilities. Having the ability to store and save a child's own creation of characters, written storyline and audio recording, Oregon Scientific designed the Creation Station to operate independently or linked to any television for vivid video viewing and audio interaction. In addition, when linked to a TV with a VCR attached, stories can be recorded to VHS tape. The Creation Station is even expandable with cartridges and other books, which are all compatible with other Oregon Scientific products.

Oregon Scientific's original line of Accelerator learning computers are fast, powerful and offer state of the art features in a thin, lightweight, structure. They offer Oregon Scientific's most up -to -date, cutting edge technology to inspire and benefit the younger generation. Ranging in ages from 3 to 9, the Accelerator products offer a variety of features from the VISION, which can connect to any home PC via the USB port for printing documents and also has safe email access, to the super slim, compact Accelerator NEXT with a touch -pad input device and 25 amazing activities and games.

There are five different Oregon Scientific Accelerator products ranging in price from as little as $39.99, the Accelerator NEXT (Model #18023), to the most advanced system, the Accelerator VISION (Model #18035), $119.99. Oregon Scientific's line of Accelerator products include: The Accelerator NEXT™ (Model #18023), The Accelerator X18™ (Model #18026), The Accelerator PC Trainer Plus™ (Model #18029, $69.99), The Accelerator Eclipse Plus™ (Model #18032), and The Accelerator VISION™ (Model #18035).

Oregon Scientific, Inc. was founded in 1991. It is a division of the Hong Kong listed parent company, IDT International Limited. The company is one of the world`s leading designers and marketers of award -winning, upscale personal electronic products, offering families of products that all incorporate the company`s advanced liquid -crystal display (LCD) technology, for use at home, in business, while traveling, and during recreational time. Oregon Scientific is headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon. The company maintains a toll -free consumer assistance center at 1 -800 -853 -8883 to provide product information and available store locations. The website address for further company information is www.oregonscientific.com.

Mattel, Inc., (NYSE: MAT, www.mattel.com) is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys and family products, including Barbie®, the most popular fashion doll ever introduced. The Mattel family of toys and games is comprised of such best -selling brands as Hot Wheels®, Matchbox®, American Girl®, and Fisher -Price®, which also includes Little People®, Rescue Heroes(tm), Power Wheels®, as well as a wide array of entertainment -inspired toy lines. With worldwide headquarters in El Segundo, Calif., Mattel employs more than 25,000 people in 36 countries and sells products in more than 150 nations throughout the world. The Mattel vision is to be the world`s premier toy brands - - - today and tomorrow.

Founded in 1993, Flying Rhinoceros is based in Portland, Oregon. The company has an innovative and unparalleled strength in connecting with kids in a language they understand while ensuring relevance, humor and high quality educational content appropriate for the whole family. Flying Rhinoceros markets a series of products available in a distribution relationship with Great Source/Houghton Mifflin. Flying Rhinoceros`s stories and characters have been used in education initiatives for The United States Olympics, Smithsonian, U.S. Bancorp Piper Jaffray, and CBS Television. The popular animated television show Flying Rhino Jr. High airs in countries throughout the world.

BARBIE, DIVA STARZ, AMERICAN GIRL, WHAT'S HER FACE and associated trademarks is owned by Mattel, Inc. © 2003 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Polly Pocket! under license from Origin Products Ltd. and Bluebird Toys (UK) Ltd. © 2002 Origin Products Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
BARBIE and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by, and used under license from, Mattel, Inc. 2003 Mattel, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

For Oregon Scientific Electronic Learning Product Sales, Contact:
Brian Rubinstein, National Sales Manager, T: 312 -829 -0411, E -Mail: brubinstein@oscientific.com

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