NAD Features High Performance Stereo Separates At CES 2004

Newest preamplifier, amplifier and tuner combination demonstrates NAD's continued commitment to two-channel audio

NAD, the highly regarded manufacturer of high -performance audio components, exhibits three stereo separates the C 162 Preamplifier, C 272 Amplifier and C 422 FM/AM Tuner during CES 2004 this week in Las Vegas.

Separate components have always been the audio enthusiasts preference and occupies the highest tier of performance for consumer electronics products. Embracing this philosophy NAD releases three brand new stereo separates that together form the perfect system for even the most demanding audiophiles.

C 162 Preamplifier
The C 162 offers plenty of connections, a total of six (6) line inputs (including tape in/outs) and MM/MC phone inputs. A modular FET amp operating in Class A is used for both line input and output stages. Two line level preamps are provided for bi -amping, with one preout offering an adjustable gain from 0dB to -12dB, allowing the C 162 to drive several power amps in parallel. Moreover, it facilitates the use of long interconnect cables, preventing degradation of performance.

The C 162 includes Bass and Treble Tone controls that only work the frequency extremes, leaving the critical mid -band essentially unaltered. A Tone Defeat switch is provided to bypass the tone controls altogether.

Recognizing the performance potential of a good turntable, NAD included both a MM/MC phono stage in the C 162. The MC stage is built like a "small amp" to keep noise low and the MM stage operates entirely in Class A. The build -in infrasonic filter prevents rumble from the turntable and even the record itself, without introducing any significant group delays.

The power supply uses a specially designed toroidal transformer with four separate secondary windings followed by six main low -noise regulators. Another layer of low -noise regulators and filers maximize supply rejection in all sections to more than 100dB.

C 272 Power Amplifier
The C 272 delivers a robust 160wpc of continuous power with both channels driven at rated distortion into 4 or 8 ohms. It is also bridgeable, capable of 300 watts in the mono mode. The C 272 is ideal for several applications such as the main amplifier in either a stereo or multi -channel, multi -amp system or as a stand -alone amplifier for a passive subwoofer. Equipped with two sets of loudspeaker binding posts, a second pair of speaker is easily added.

The C 272 features NAD's proprietary PowerDrive™ circuit topology, allowing maximum performance under virtually any circumstance, independent of the loudspeakers. The PowerDrive topology is a practical approach that enables an amplifier to easily handle musical dynamics and difficult speaker loads. The PowerDrive circuitry automatically senses a loudspeaker's impedance characteristics and adjusts its power supply settings to best cope with that specific load. This ensures remarkably dynamic and distortion -free performance, even from demanding 4 -ohm designs. The result is the highly desirable characteristics of high dynamic power and low impedance drive capability.

NAD has always been very conservative when quoting output power ratings, preferring to state the guaranteed minimum rather than the optimistic FTC power specs that is stated by most competitors. NAD chooses the far stricter and more conservative Full Disclosure Power rating, with all channels driven simultaneously, at any frequency 20Hz to 20kHz, with less than 0.08% THD at 8 and 4 ohms. Finally, in what we consider to be most representative of real world performance, we include Dynamic Power at 8 ohms, 4 ohms, and 2 ohms!

NAD's proprietary Soft Clipping (defeatable) maintains sonic quality and offers speaker protection even under severe overdrive conditions by significantly reducing the risk of damage to loudspeakers due to prolonged high power operation.

C 422 FM/AM Tuner
The C 422 features 30 station presets that can be setup in any combination of AM and FM stations. To avoid scrolling through 30 presets, the un -programmed (empty) ones are skipped to give you quick access to already programmed stations. All preset information is stored in the C422's non -volatile memory.

Adhering to NAD's simplistic design approach, the controls on the front panel are limited, concentrating on convenience in daily operation. For instance, the RDS limits itself to the RDS PS and RT functions, enhancing ease of operation. The RDS PS (Program Service) automatically displays the name of the radio station, while the RDS RT (Radio Text) displays additional information broadcast by the radio station, such as the presenter, which music is playing, etc. For AM and non -RDS stations the C422 allows you to name each preset individually with up to 8 characters.

Apart from its ease -of -use, the NAD Model C422 also offers features to get the maximum out of the airwaves. Auto Search automatically stops at the next strong radio signal it comes across and optimizes tuning. Weaker radio stations can be tuned manually. The MOS -FET RF Front End design together with high quality components and careful PCB layout guarantees excellent sensitivity with low intermodulation distortion to provide noise -free reception. Although AM can never reach the quality of any FM transmission, the Model C422's AM section retains excellent clarity together with lowest possible background noise.

For fast and efficient integration into the most demanding whole -house installations, NAD provides 12V triggers for remote on -off switching on all three components. Additionally, each is equipped with NAD Link so the supplied remote with the C 162 [or C 422] can control all other NAD products including CD Players like the new C 542.

Currently shipping, the C 162 Preamplifier, C 272 Amplifier, and 422 FM/AM Tuner will sell for $599, $699 and $499 MSRP, respectively. They can be seen with NAD's other fine new products in their hospitality suite at the Hilton, Rooms 28115 and 28118 during CES 2004.

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