Harmony Remote Offers Complete Personal Entertainment Management Using RF Technology

The new SST-768RF interfaces with home computers to access MP-3 files and JPEGs

Intrigue Technologies Inc., a leader in intelligent remote control technology, expands its product line -up by adding RF capabilities to the award winning SST -768.

Bundled with a USB RF Link, the new SST -768RF can access computer files such as MP3's and JPEGs. With this exclusive new functionality, the SST -768RF is the only handheld universal remote that doubles as a complete Personal Entertainment Manager. Using the SST - 768RF's unique thumb wheel and LCD screen it is easy to scroll through a list of music or image files to find what you want. Pressing the thumb wheel button accesses the file.

Just as a user would enter the make and model of their A/V equipment into their home page at Harmonyremote.com, they can enter the file data from their computer for access from the SST -768RF.

Run a cable for audio and video from your computer to your sound system and your computer becomes a music and data server. With RF control, the computer does not even have to be in the same room as the sound system.

Harmony Remote 's are much more than your average universal remote control.
Intrigue Technologies, the company behind the revolutionary Harmony Remote has pioneered a new type of intelligence, Smart State Technology [patent pending], that allows easy setup of all their remotes using it's proprietary online set -up Web Wizard to create intuitive Activities -based commands such as "Watch TV", "Watch a Movie" or "Listen to Music".

Activities are completely web configured through a serious of simple questions on a Member's web page at HarmonyRemote.com. Even if a brand new device is not already in the database, the Harmony Remote will "Learn" any command and add the IR code directly to the database. Currently, over 285,000 devices have been entered into or chosen from the Harmony database. When a new device is added to the database it becomes accessible to every new user so as the database continues to grow, unrecognized devices become even more rare.

Once all data is entered into the member's home page all configurations and data files are transferred directly from their account to the SST -768RF via the USB port connection between the remote and the computer {PC and MAC}. The configuration is always safely stored on the Member's web page so changes can be made at any time using a Web browser.

The SST -768RF provides back -lit buttons and a choice of colors: Red, Silver and Blue. Available in first Quarter 2004, the SST -768RF will sell for under $350.00. For existing SST -768 users the USB IR Link will be available for under $50. While this IR option also allows Personal Entertainment Management functionality, it requires line of sight with the computer that is acting as the data server. All of Harmony Remote's product can be seen in Booth #19095 and Booth #16866 in the South Hall 1 & 2 of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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