LAS VEGAS, NV - CES 2004 - HILTON SUITES 573 - Paradigm® Electronics Inc. unveiled its most anticipated high -end offering to date -the Signature Series. Technologically advanced and aesthetically stunning, this top -of -the -line addition to Paradigm's Reference Series cements their reputation as an international leader in design and manufacturing of high -performance music and home theater systems.

Included in the series are two bookshelf/stand -mounted models, a floorstanding model, two center channels, a surround/rear speaker featuring the company's proprietary ADP™ (adapted dipole) technology and a servo -powered subwoofer.

Signature Design and Technology
All Signature drivers feature Paradigm's proprietary IMS/SHOCK -MOUNT™ (Isolation Mounting System), a unique butyl -rubber driver fastening system developed for Signature. IMS™ is a progressive system of critically placed isolation inserts and gaskets designed to decouple drivers from the speaker enclosure itself. The result is unsurpassed clarity and resolution of fine detail.

The Signature Tweeter
Signature features a G -PAL™ (gold -anodized pure -aluminum) dome tweeter. The gold -anodizing process has produced a supremely rigid dome without adding mass. Power response is instantaneous with lightning speed and transient response. WaveGuide™ faceplate technology ensures that high -frequency response is maximally flat with wide dispersion, ensuring a very large listening window. Signature's tweeter composition represents a unique response to the challenges posed by internal resonances. ARB™ Aperiodic Resonance Breakup technology is a superb design aspect of the Signature tweeter. A set of die -cast aluminum fins, critically positioned behind the driver, capture and quickly disperse residual internal resonances, rendering them inert. These same fins also function as an interior heatsink, promoting exceptional high power handling.

Since uniform midrange performance is so critical to good sound, Paradigm's challenge was to generate a highly predictable and unerringly accurate response from Signature's high -output midrange and bass/midrange drivers. The innovative midrange chamber is a major contributor to Signature's vividly detailed and open sonic presentation. The exterior of the chamber functions as an ultra -efficient oversize heat sink, while the interior of the dome features an ATC™ asymmetrically tapered channel. The result is smooth, natural, accurate and balanced midrange performance with a greater level of detail, clarity and authenticity than anything that has come before.

The Signature Driver
Bass drivers feature mineral -filled polypropylene cones with huge shielded magnet structures, 1 -1/2 -inch multilayer extended voice coils, and AVS™ die -cast heatsink chassis for high power handling, low distortion and greater long -term reliability. In order to optimize the magnet structure of Signature drivers, rare earth super neodymium magnets, ten times more powerful than ceramic magnets of equivalent mass, were used in midrange and high frequency drivers. These super magnets generate a powerful magnetic field resulting in extremely high energy in the magnetic gap. The result is exquisite resolution of inner detail, powerful bass definition along with superb power handling and driver linearity.

The Signature Crossover
Signature crossovers were designed with ideal frequency and phase -response characteristics requiring minimal circuitry. To ensure precision signal transfer to the drivers, internal wiring is S -OFC™ (silver plated oxygen -free copper cable) spiraled to reduce inductance distortion and maintaining the overall purity of the audio signal. Hand -selected close tolerance air -core inductors, high -power ceramic resistors and polypropylene capacitors ensure a precise, seamlessly integrated reproduction of the original performance across the frequency spectrum.

The Signature Servo Sub
The highly evolved Signature Servo completes the Signature Series. Like all Paradigm subwoofers, the servo -powered subwoofer is inherently musical and more than equipped to deliver the bass definition, extension, impact and "slam" expected by fervent home theater aficionados.

Every aspect of the Signature series mirrors high -end luxury and elegance. All speakers are available in four Highly Polished Exotic Wood Veneers -Rosewood, Piano Black Gloss, Natural Bird's Eye Maple and Cherry.

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Model Introduction Breakdown
Signature S2 is a 2 -driver, 2 -way bookshelf/stand -mounted speaker with 1 -inch G -PAL™ dome and 7 -inch MLP™ mica -loaded -polymer bass/midrange cone. MagneShield™ included. 15" high x 8 -1/4" wide x 14" deep. Match with PREMIER™ J -29 stand. $1,900 -$2,200/pair, depending on finish.

Signature S4 is a 3 -driver, 2 -1/2 -way bookshelf/stand -mounted speaker with 1 -inch G -PAL™ dome, 7 -inch MLP™ mica -loaded -polymer bass/midrange cone and 7" mineral -filled polypropylene bass cone. MagneShield™ included. 22" high x 8 -1/4" wide x 14" deep. Match with PREMIER™ J -23 stand. $2,600 -$3,000/pair, depending on finish.

Signature S8 is a 6 -driver, 3 -way floorstanding model with 1 -inch G -PAL™ dome,
7 -inch MLP™ mica -loaded -polymer midrange cone, and four 7" mineral -filled polypropylene bass cones. Outrigger feet, optional spikes, MagneShield™ included. 48 -1/2" high x 8 -1/2" wide x 20 -1/2" deep. $5,400 -$6,000/pair, depending on finish.

Signature C3 is a 4 -driver, 3 -way center channel with 1 -inch G -PAL™ dome, 4 -inch dedicated MLP™ mica -loaded -polymer midrange cone and two 7" mineral -filled polypropylene bass cones. Outrigger feet and MagneShield™ included. 9 -1/2" high x 26 -1/2" wide x 13" deep. Match with PREMIER™ J -18C stand. $1,500 -$1,700/each depending on finish.

Signature C5 is a 6 -driver, 3 -1/2 -way center channel with 1 -inch G -PAL™ dome, 4 -inch (102 mm) MLP™ mica -loaded -polymer midrange cone, two 7 -inch MLP™ mica -loaded -polymer bass/midrange cones, and two 7" mineral -filled polypropylene bass cones. Outrigger feet and MagneShield™ included. 9 -1/2" high x 37 -1/2" wide x 17 -1/2" deep. Match with PREMIER™ J -18C stand. $2,500 -$2,800/each depending on finish.

Signature ADP is a 5 -driver, 3 -way surround/rear speaker with optimized reverberant soundfield. Two 1 -inch G -PAL™ domes, two 4 -inch MLP™ mica -loaded -polymer midrange cones and one 8" (210 mm) mineral -filled polypropylene bass cones. 13 -1/4" high x 14 -1/8" wide x 7 -1/2" deep. $2,300 -$2,700/pair depending on finish.

Signature Servo. A single 15" driver, Closed -Loop Servo system in a sealed enclosure with built -in 1200 -watt Ultra -Class -D™ high -current, hybrid output amplifier. 19.5" high x 18" wide x 21" deep. $3,200 -$3,500/each depending on finish.

As a recognized leader in high -performance speaker design, Paradigm has what it takes to build great sounding speakers. Innovative design, advanced materials and state -of -the -art engineering have made Paradigm an international leader in speaker design. For the dealer nearest you please contact Paradigm Electronics: (T) 905.632.0180. (F) 905.632.0183. Or log onto

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