PCTEL Launches Segue™ SAM at The Wi -Fi Planet Conference in San Jose

"Soft" Access Point Solution Dramatically Lowers Wi-Fi Network Cost

Chicago, Illinois - December 3, 2003 - PCTEL, Inc. (Nasdaq:PCTI), a leader in wireless access and wireless intelligence, announced today its launch of the Segue™ SAM (Soft Access Module) product at the Wi -Fi Planet Fall Conference and Expo, December 3 - 5 in San Jose (booth #601).

The Segue™ SAM software turns any notebook or desktop PC equipped with a supported WLAN card into a Wi -Fi access point, without the need for external devices such as routers and access points. With the Segue™ SAM, any location that has broadband access can be instantly converted to a wireless broadband network by using a PC equipped with a WLAN client card (USB, PCMCIA, or PCI formats).

"Segue™ SAM takes the complexity out of installing a Wi -Fi network," said Marty Singer, PCTEL's Chairman and CEO. "Traditional Wi -Fi networks require standalone access points and routers. Segue™ SAM software replaces those access points and routers, automatically scans the user's PC settings, and configures itself within seconds. By replacing hardware with software, PCTEL once again lowers the cost of Internet access in the home, small office, or on the road. It's a great innovation," added Singer.

PCTEL's Segue™ SAM is suited to the needs of both enterprise and home -based users. With Segue™ SAM installed on their notebook, a professional can instantly set up a wireless network with other participants at an offsite meeting. Enhanced security features ensure that file sharing and instant messaging remain secure and keep unauthorized devices off the network. For home users, Segue™ SAM eliminates the complexity of setting up a wireless network. The entire family can share a single broadband connection quickly and easily.

Segue™ SAM is delivered as a bundled solution from the manufacturers of retail 802.11 client adapters, licensed to 802.11 chipset suppliers and motherboard manufacturers as a value added option, or licensed for distribution to wire line broadband service providers as part of their home networking solution.

PCTEL now offers an innovative suite of mobility software products. Its Segue™ Roaming Client enables both laptop PCs and Pocket PCs to roam between different 802.11 environments and also roaming between WLAN and cellular networks such as GPRS, CDMA2000 1X, WCDMA (FOMA) and PHS. PCTEL's Segue™ SAM turns any PC equipped with a supported WLAN card into a Wi -Fi access point without the need for external devices such as routers and access points. The Segue™ Analyzer is a handheld device that measures propagation, monitors traffic and detects unwanted interference and intruders in Wi -Fi (802.11) networks.

PCTEL, founded in March 1994, is a leading provider of Wi -Fi and cellular mobility software, software -defined radio products and access technology. PCTEL's products include WLAN software products (Segue™ Roaming Product Line) that simplify installation, roaming, Internet access and billing. Through its subsidiary, DTI, the company designs, develops and distributes OEM receivers and receiver -based products that measure and monitor cellular networks. The company maintains a portfolio of more than 115 analog and broadband communications and wireless patents, issued or pending, including key and essential patents for modem technology. The company's products are sold or licensed to PC manufacturers, PC card and board manufacturers, wireless carriers, wireless ISPs, software distributors, wireless test and measurement companies, and system integrators. PCTEL headquarters are located at 8725 West Higgins Road, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60631. Telephone: 773 -243 -3000. For more information, please visit our web site at: http://www.pctel.com.

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