AV Product Buying Trends Available Monthly Through InfoComm iQ Reports

New ICIA Service Enables Companies to Determine Up-to-Date Demand Trends for Projectors, Screens, Sound Systems and Other AV Product Categories

FAIRFAX, VA, December 1, 2003 - The International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®), the essential source of market intelligence for the professional audiovisual communications industry, has announced the availability of the InfoComm iQ Trend Report, a new series of monthly reports detailing up -to -the -minute market information and insights covering nearly two dozen key audiovisual product categories.

For under $2,000 annually, companies can now obtain a precise and comprehensive report showing what more than 50,000 AV buyers are looking for every month, organized by 25 tiers of AV product categories.

Each Trend Report is based on real monthly data compiled from over 150,000 online visits to ICIA's massive IQ product database, not on estimates or extrapolations. Employing a three -tier structure, the Reports cover 25 first -tier product categories, and over 1,450 second - and third -tier product categories. An example of how the system works is as follows:

Tier 1: Projectors
Tier 2: Data and Video Projectors
Tier 3: Ultralight Projectors

Categories may vary over time as they are regularly updated to reflect the latest market developments.

The InfoComm iQ Trend Report provides valuable market intelligence custom designed to meet the needs of AV manufacturers, dealers, integrators, design consultants, marketing executives and product managers. Each issue delivers authoritative reporting about which product categories buyers are looking for each month, the month before, and throughout the previous half year. Subscribers will also learn which product categories are drawing increasing interest among buyers, or trending downward. The report features easy -to -read data tables, charts and graphs, augmented by data from key word searches that have been performed.

For any of the following Tier 1 AV product categories (and their subcategories), subscribers are able to ascertain from month to month, by the number of click -throughs, whether user interest is up, down or staying level:
1. Audio Production and Recording
2. Audio and Videoconferencing Equipment
3. Audio Test Equipment
4. Cables, Connectors and Accessories
5. Cameras, Camcorders and Support Equipment
6. Cases and Bags
7. Computers and Software
8. Control Systems and Networking
9. Displays and Monitors
10. Document Cameras and Digital Imaging
11. Furniture
12. Lighting and Studio Support
13. Mounting Systems
14. Presentation and Training Aids
15. Printers and Copiers
16. Projection Screens and Shades
17. Projectors
18. Rackmount Systems
19. Recorders and Players
20. Recording Media and Storage Systems
21. Signal Management and Processing
22. Sound Reinforcement and Acoustic Products
23. Streaming Media and Webcasting
24. Video Editing and Production
25. Whiteboards, Markerboards and Easels
ICIA's immense InfoComm iQ database includes extensive information from more than 460 manufacturers. Introduced in 2001, it is the largest, most current source of product information for the professional audiovisual communications industry. A virtual trade show in itself, it is available to purchasers through www.infocomm.org as well as through hundreds of publication and dealer Web sites, it is the most heavily trafficked resource ever developed for the industry, and currently experiences more than 150,000 unique sessions per month by more than 50,000 different users.

Publication of the InfoComm iQ Trend Report begins in December 2003. Reports are delivered monthly to subscribers' email boxes as easily read PDF files through subscriptions available in any of three convenient formats:
$1,995 annually (12 issues) for the complete package, including all information available
$1,495 annually, includes three first -tier categories plus associated second - and third -tier
$750 annually, includes one first -tier category plus associated second - and third -tier products
Quoted prices apply to ICIA members. Subscriptions for non -members are $400 higher in each format and include Silver level membership in ICIA. Subscriptions may be obtained by contacting John Fuchs at 715/276 -9463 or jfuchs@infocomm.org.

The International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®) is the premier trade association for the professional audiovisual communications industry. ICIA is the founder of InfoComm, the conference and trade exposition for audiovisual communications professionals who come to learn about the latest technologies and available services as well as new and alternative applications. ICIA serves its worldwide membership as the pre -eminent provider of education, training and certification.

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