Universal Remote Control, Inc. Revolutionizes Whole -House Control with Powerful RF Handheld

Innovative New Home Theater Master® MX-800 Remote Control and MRF-200 Base Station Control A/V Components Up to 100 Feet Away

HARRISON, NEW YORK, November25, 2003 - Universal Remote Control, Inc., a leader in remote control technology, further expands its line -up of widely acclaimed home theater remote control products with the introduction of the revolutionary Home Theater Master® MX -800 PC Programmable RF Remote Control and its companion MRF -200 Base Station.

The powerful modular package consisting of the MX -800 PC Programmed Remote and the MRF -200 Base Station combine several technologies to bring users greater control of their A/V components. Using both RF and IR technologies, the MX -800 and MRF -200 can send commands up to 100 feet away, through walls and household structures, even in highly active RF environments. Additionally, the MX Editor PC programmable software that is packaged with the MX -800 is considered by custom installers the easiest and quickest software available for advanced remotes.

The combination of the MX -800 and the MRF -200 Base Station allows users complete control of all their audio/video components regardless of where the equipment is placed in the home. The MX -800 sends radio frequency (RF) signals to the MRF -200, which converts the RF commands back to infrared signals (IR) to control A/V components. Whether equipment is behind closed doors, inside cabinets, in other rooms of the house or even outdoors, the MX -800 will send the necessary commands without pointing the remote controller at any A/V components.

The MX -800 incorporates the same unique MX Editor PC software program introduced in Universal's acclaimed Home Theater Master® Model MX -700. The MX Editor software automates complicated routines as MACROS. Each macro is a series of commands that is activated with a touch of a button. By utilizing macros, one no longer has to use multiple remotes to operate various A/V components. For example, the MX -800 can be programmed to turn -on all of the components within a home entertainment system with a single button press.

MX -800 is designed to operate up to 20 audio and video components; capable of creating 900 macro buttons with 199 commands each. The name of each component and its functions appear on a 1.4 -inch x 2.1 -inch LCD screen with text editing capabilities.

The MRF -200 receives RF signals from the MX -800 and transmits commands to all components in the space (cabinet or room) either through the MRF -200 Base Station's Front IR Blaster or the six plug -in flashers. The MX -800 and MRF -200 consistently achieves a range of 75 to 100 feet without any interference, even in hostile RF environments with multiple satellite receivers, computers and several key A/V components. This is a significant improvement over existing RF - based control systems in the marketplace.

Each MRF -200 is assigned one of 16 unique ID Numbers allowing up to 16 equipment locations in a single installation. Each MRF -200 can be controlled from any MX -800. A system can be comprised of any number of MX -800's and MRF -200's. If desired, each MRF - 200 Base Station can have a dedicated MX -800 programmed only for the components in that room. For instance, a single MX -800 may be used to control three different locations, or each location can have its own MX -800. The ID number is selected from the MX -800 and it will only communicate with the MRF -200 Base Station programmed with the matching ID number.

Theoretically, a user could control all his or her components with the MRF -200's strong Front IR Blaster. Since infrared light bounces, the Front Blaster is often more than sufficient. However, sometimes when components are out of sight of the MRF -200 it is necessary to use the supplied Flashers. There are six plug -In Flashers provided with 10 -foot cables. The Flasher has an IR blaster at the tip of the cable that should be affixed to the front panel of each A/V component. The other end of the IR Flasher connects via mini jack to the rear of the MRF -200.

The MX -800 comes pre -programmed for over 1,000 audio and video components (including Personal Video Recorders, DVD players, VCRs, cable and satellite receivers, and audio equipment), and is capable of learning over 1500 functions from original remote controls via infrared or the PC. The unit can also be programmed to "punch through" operations to any of the 20 audio video components for volume, channel selection, recording and transport control, and information display. For example, the user can raise, lower, and mute the volume on the audio receiver while operating the remote control in the satellite mode.

The crystal clear LCD display screen and glass -like Gemstone hard buttons on the remote incorporate "EL" illumination technology, which provides very bright, energy efficient illumination. Powered by four Duracell "AAA" alkaline batteries, the remote control features a built -in memory back up designed to prevent memory loss for up to one year should the batteries be removed, and up to 10 years should they be discharged.

While a standard remote control system utilizes only one equipment location, it is possible to build a system with multiple MX -800's and MRF -200's. The MRF -200 comes with its own external power supply and mounting plate for installation on walls and inside cabinets.

The Home Theater Master® MX -800 and MRF -200 package carries a suggested retail price of $499. Extra MX -800's run $429 each, with additional MRF -200 Base Stations expected to sell for $99 each.

About Universal Remote Control, Inc.
Universal Remote Control, Inc., established in 1990, is based in Harrison, New York. The company is one of the world's largest manufacturers of remote controls, wireless and RF hand -held devices to the Retail, OEM and Broadcast Subscription markets - including Hughes DirecTV, Zenith, AOL/Time Warner, Motorola, Toshiba, Hitachi and LG Electronics.

Universal Remote Control, Inc. has multiple manufacturing facilities in Asia and North America that meet rigorous CE, ISO 9001, ETTS, IQNET, and TQM certification requirements. Universal Remote Control, Inc., has been supplying remote controls for many of the Home Theater industry's leading high -end audio and video manufacturers, including Adcom, B & K, Denon, Faroudja, Harman/Kardon, Klipsch, Krell, McIntosh, Rotel, Parasound, Polk Audio, Lexicon, Sherwood Newcastle, Outlaw Audio, Sunfire and Vantage.


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