Central Home Automation Director (CHAD™) by Improving Tomorrow provides low -cost home automation.

ImprovingTomorrow.com launches its latest release of CHAD™ making life easier for homeowners by providing peace of mind, convenience, and comfort.

Central Home Automation Director (CHAD™) Introduced by Improving Tomorrow provides low -cost home automation solutions.

RIVERSIDE & ROWLAND HEIGHTS, Calif. - -(BUSINESS WIRE) - -11/15/2003 - -Improving Tomorrow (www.ImprovingTomorrow.com), a leading provider of home automation software launched its latest release of CHAD™ making life easier for homeowners by providing peace of mind, convenience, and comfort.

As the number of homes with high speed internet capability grows, so has the number of homeowners who want more from their home computer.

"Home automation is not just for high -end, custom built homes" said Kevin Horn, CEO of Improving Tomorrow.com. "By installing CHAD™, clients can utilize their existing PC, electrical system, and internet service to provide a cost -effective solution to automating their home".

The latest software release of CHAD™ upgrades a clients PC to an automation and information powerhouse. CHAD™ will control and automate lighting, surveillance cameras, thermostat control, irrigation, and appliances throughout the home using the home's existing electrical system.

In addition to monitoring and controlling the home from a PC, users with high speed Internet access will have the same graphical interface anywhere in the world by logging into their secure personal webpage where commands sent are executed immediately at their home. The CHAD™ software updates the central server when any device status change is detected or triggered, and if cameras are integrated, a snapshot is saved and uploaded every minute. From the same web page, the user can view a history of the camera shots, add new users with customizable access levels, and even send messages to be announced over the home speaker system. Internet access is free for the first three months, and then monthly or yearly subscriptions are available.

Not only will CHAD™ provide automation to your home, but it becomes a personal assistant by downloading local weather, traffic, stock quotes, television shows, and earthquake information from the Internet. This up -to -date information is available at the touch of a button… from anywhere! CHAD™ will even make an announcement when your favorite television shows are about to air or even reminders such as "take out the trash", or "open the side gate for your Gardner".

CHAD™ doesn't stop there. Using the built -in calendar feature, CHAD™ will help to keep track of your busy schedule by sending email or mobile reminders for those important birthdays, anniversaries, shopping lists, and appointments. Easily let your family members know about an important event with the included address book feature, and never be more than a button press away.

24/7 access to your home… That is the flexibility homeowners are looking for, and the peace of mind CHAD™ provides even while you're away.

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