6th annual T.H.E. SHOW

With a long-term contract at the newly refurbished St. Tropez All-Suite Hotel, The Home Entertainment Show returns to the St. Tropez in 2004 for its 6th Annual `T.H.E. Show`.

With a long -term contract at the newly refurbished St. Tropez All -Suite Hotel, The Home Entertainment Show returns to the St. Tropez in 2004 for its 6th Annual "T.H.E. Show". Just a 60 second walk to the East from Alexis Park, the St. Tropez is directly across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel. In conjunction with our larger exhibits at the Hotel San Remo, just a 5 -minute shuttle ride away, this year T.H.E. SHOW promises to be the best ever.

Also returning this year is "T.H.E. Free Lunch", served in the beautiful, lush Courtyard of the St. Tropez every day of the convention. A tremendous success during the glory days of T.H.E. Show, 1999 through 2001, the BBQ will be blazing once more with the tantalizing tastes of hamburgers, hot dogs and a host of accompanying side dishes and salads. Exhibitors and attendees are all welcome to partake.

New this year, the "Misty River Band" will perform live daily for those enjoying T.H.E. Lunch. For those of you not familiar with their work, Misty River is an all -female quartet from the Northwest, blending folk, country and bluegrass favorites along with their own award -winning original songs. Audiophiles have been captivated by this dynamic musical group who support their beautiful blend of harmonic voices with a combination of acoustic instruments. Misty River will also be performing daily from 5:00 to 6:00 PM at the Von Schweikert Audio exhibit room at the Hotel San Remo.

Also new this year, T.H.E. Raffle. More than $30,000 (thus far) worth of high -end audio equipment will be given away to attendees at T.H.E. Show. Raffle tickets will be issued at registration (limit one entry per person, certain restrictions apply). Among those items to be given away are: 1 pair of Wisdom Audio Neo loudspeakers ($7,999); an Edge Electronics G8 Amplifier ($4,995); 1 pair of Von Schweikert VR4jr loudspeakers ($3,995); 1 Acoustic Dreams 2 -Shelf Rack ($3,600); 1 pair of Von Schweikert VR2 loudspeakers ($2,500), a choice of Stillpoints products ($2,000).... and much more. Winners will be announced on "T.H.E. Extra Day" Monday, Jan. 12th at 2PM. Winners need not be present.

"T.H.E. Extra Day", or "Press Day" has become a staple exclusive to T.H.E. Show. After the madness of trying to cover every exhibit in Las Vegas, T.H.E. Show keeps its exhibits open one more day. T.H.E. Extra Day gives reviewers and the attendees a chance to meet the exhibitors in a more relaxed. less hurried atmosphere. Press Day, this year, will be on Monday, January 12 from 9AM to 2PM culminating in T.H.E. Raffle drawing at 2PM in the courtyard at the St. Tropez Hotel.

T.H.E. Show also offers the greatest value in accommodations. With large room blocks at both the Hotel San Remo and Hawthorne Suites, T.H.E. Show rates are comparable to none. The San Remo ($39 - $99) is a full service hotel, with a variety of restaurants, bars, and a casino. The Hawthorne Suites is a new addition this year, offering a wide selection of 1 and 2 bedroom "garden" suites ($85 - $140) complete with kitchens, complimentary breakfast buffet and separate living rooms with sleeper sofas. Hawthorne Suites is within a one -minute walk of Hotel San Remo where continuous shuttle service makes the trip to the St. Tropez and Alexis Park area more convenient.

Reviewer Dave Glackin (enjoythemusic.com) said of one T.H.E. Show Exhibit in 2003, ".... the room recreated the Best Symphony Hall Experience I have heard in my 25 years of listening to high -end audio" and "....it''s much easier to find good sounding rooms at T.H.E. Show than Alexis Park". "That was, and still is" according to Mike Maloney, CEO of The Home Entertainment Show, Las Vegas, "the ultimate goal." "After almost 25 years in the high -end industry (13 of them as an exhibitor), I know that the right display room makes all the difference." "The sound of the room can make you or break you at a show", says Mike.

T.H.E. Show Registration opens at both the St. Tropez and Hotel San Remo Conference center at 10AM on Thursday, January 8, 2004 at 10AM. Pre -registration is not necessary. For further information, visit our website at http://www.the -expo.net or call 1 -310 -641 -5443.

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