Centrepoint Technologies launches VoIP solution that connects branch offices at small business price

Feature-rich TalkSwitch combined with VoIP capability provides a converged telephone solution for small business, branch offices, teleworkers

OTTAWA, ON - November 19, 2003 - Centrepoint Technologies, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of innovative telephone systems for businesses with one to 20 employees per office, today announced the launch of its new TalkSwitch branch VoIP solution. For the first time, very small business can get true PBX functionality combined with the benefits of Internet telephony at a price they can afford. The new solution increases productivity, reduces communication costs, and keeps companies and their employees connected in all their work zones.

"At Centrepoint, small business is our only business. We understand their unique needs. That's why we reinvented the telephone system with the release of the Concero Switchboard in 1998, and then the TalkSwitch series in 2000," said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, Centrepoint Technologies. "Unlike traditional PBX and key systems, the compact TalkSwitch was built to be customer installable and configurable right out of the box. The TalkSwitch includes auto attendants, voicemail, LAN networkability and a host of other features in one easy -to -use, affordable package. The system is expandable from two to 32 extensions per location.

"TalkSwitch provides very small businesses with the first powerful, yet affordable telephone system. Now we've integrated voice over IP technology to give them the best of both worlds. For customers with branch offices, using the IP network provides them with an easy, low cost way to connect," said Scheeren.

The new branch solution consists of TalkSwitch telephone systems combined with Internet gateways. It offers savings on long distance charges and reduces the number of CO telephone lines a company requires, while maximizing utilization of broadband connections. Companies equipped with the new solution can also access emerging network -based services.

In addition to connecting branches together, the new solution leverages TalkSwitch's extensive built -in remote extension capabilities. Remote mobile workers and teleworkers can be seamlessly integrated with the office telephone system to connect and collaborate more easily and cost -effectively. It is a complete communications solution that supports a wide variety of phones including proprietary TalkSwitch sets as well as standard analog and cellular phones.

"For our reseller network, the solution expands the addressable market and increases revenue potential by allowing them to offer fully converged communications solutions to
multi -branch businesses," said Scheeren. "Centrepoint is also exploring partnerships with service providers looking for fresh ways to approach their small business customers."
The Internet gateways and associated software in the new solution are manufactured by Mediatrix, a developer of advanced Internet access devices.

A branch -to -branch configuration with two TalkSwitch phone systems, including PSTN and VoIP capabilities, is priced from $2,050 USD. A branch -to -teleworker solution starts at $1,355 USD.

Centrepoint's existing TalkSwitch customers can easily upgrade to the new solution. The new TalkSwitch branch VoIP solution is available online at www.talkswitch.com, or through authorized Centrepoint resellers.

About Centrepoint
Centrepoint Technologies has set the standard for innovative telephone systems that provide small business, branch, and home office users with affordable, yet powerful communications solutions. Founded in 1990, Centrepoint designs, manufacturers and markets the award -winning TalkSwitch phone system, used by thousands of customers. For more information call (888) 332 -9322 or visit the Centrepoint website at www.talkswitch.com

For more information, please contact:

Chris Brennan
Public Relations Manager,
Centrepoint Technologies
613.725.2980 x 136
888.332.9322 x 136

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