Marantz America will demonstrate its ZS5300 Multi-Zone Selector Amplifier, a highly versatile six-channel/three-zone multi-room amplifier at its EHX 2003 Booth #1006.

LONG BEACH, California, November 10, 2003 - Solidifying its position as a supplier of high -performance custom installation solutions, Marantz America will demonstrate its ZS5300 Multi -Zone Selector Amplifier, a highly versatile six -channel/three -zone multi -room amplifier at its EHX 2003 Booth #1006. The ZS5300 can accommodate the audio from up to six independent music sources and feed them to three rooms throughout the home, and offers a host of custom installation -friendly features, including the ability to link multiple ZS5300 units for more complex whole -house systems.

Multi -Source, Multi -Zone Flexibility
The Marantz ZS5300 includes inputs for up to six stereo music sources, such as a CD player, tuner or the multiple audio outputs from Marantz's new DH9300 Digital Music Server, enabling the music from multiple program sources to be simultaneously distributed to up to three zones in the home. The ZS5300 features a matrix switching arrangement that enables each zone to receive the audio from any of three selectable sources; in addition, each zone can receive audio from a fourth music source that is assigned to that zone only. The ZS5300 offers independent volume control of each zone, by means of either the supplied remote control, a third -party controller such as a Niles or Xantech, or a Marantz system remote control such as an RC9200 touchscreen remote. Power to any or all of the zones can be turned on or shut off independently to conserve power consumption if a zone is not in use.

The Marantz ZS5300 includes an extensive complement of audio and control connections for maximum installation versatility. The amplifier provides heavy -duty banana plug -compatible speaker terminals for all six channels, as well as a set of preamp outputs for Zone 3, which connect to an external amplifier to drive an extra set of speakers.

Other connections include Marantz RC -5/RC -6 remote control input and output terminals to link to other Marantz components for integrated system operation; 12 -volt CD trigger terminals; and an IR remote terminal.

For more complex whole -house custom installations, up to three ZS5300 amplifiers can be cascaded together, enabling the system to be expanded up to nine rooms.

Along with operational versatility, the Marantz ZS5300 offers exceptional sound quality. The ZS5300 incorporates an extremely high quality amplifier section, utilizing six identical discrete power amplifiers, operating in Class D for high efficiency and a generous power output of 60 watts per channel (into 6 ohms). The ZS5300 incorporates premium parts and construction throughout, such as a large -core power transformer and components in critical signal path applications chosen for maximum sonic purity.

The ZS5300 is designed for ready installation in any whole -house music system or home entertainment system. Featuring classic Marantz styling with an elegant brushed black front panel, it can be installed alongside the other components in a home entertainment system, as well as situated out of view in a custom installation component rack.

The Marantz ZS5300 Multi -Zone Selector Amplifier is currently available at a suggested retail price of $899.00.

Marantz America is committed to upholding the tradition of technological superiority initiated by founder Saul Marantz over forty -five years ago. In keeping with this emphasis on quality, Marantz audio and video components are carried only by the nation's premier independent audio/video specialty retailers.

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