New Models Offer Exceptional Playback Versatility, Value and Performance

Pine Brook, NJ, November 10, 2003 - Denon Electronics, a world leader in digital audio and home theater technology recently announced the introduction of two DVD changers and two DVD players that are the company's first to feature WMA (Windows Media Audio) playback capability. The new DVM -2815 5 -Disc DVD -Audio/Video Changer, DVD -1200 DVD -Audio/Video Player, DVM -1815 5 -Disc DVD -Video Changer and DVD -910 DVD -Video Player offer unprecedented value and performance in their respective categories with prices ranging from $299 to $449 suggested retail, and feature progressive scan component video output plus a wealth of advanced technologies to deliver exceptional video and audio quality.

Stephen Baker, Denon Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing pointed out: "Today, more and more consumers are using the Windows Media Audio platform to enjoy video and music -and our new DVD models bring renowned Denon quality to the WMA multimedia experience. Thanks to our new DVD players, consumers can now enjoy dramatically enhanced WMA playback via their home entertainment systems, instead of being restricted to viewing and listening only on computers."

DVM -2815 and DVD -1200: Exceptional DVD Audio/Video Playback Versatility
The Denon DVM -2815 5 -Disc DVD -Audio/Video changer and DVD -1200 DVD Audio/Video player incorporate a host of the advanced technologies that have made Denon the foremost name in high -performance DVD players. In addition to providing compatible playback of DVD -Video, DVD -Audio and WMA -encoded CD -R/RW discs, both players, as well as the DVM -1815 and DVD -910, offer CD, CD -R/RW, Video CD, MP3 -CD and DVD -R/RW playback, and also include a JPEG photo file viewer.

The DVM -2815 and DVD -910 incorporate premium video D/A converters and sophisticated digital video processing to deliver superlative progressive scan video playback with accurate 3:2 pulldown detection. The DVM -2815 and DVD -1200 utilize the acclaimed Faroudja DCDi™ Directional Correlational Deinterlacing and enhancement technology, for exceptional picture clarity and freedom from motion artifacts.

Both players deliver outstanding audio performance as well, utilizing state -of -the -art 24 -bit, 192 kHz audio D/A converters that deliver maximum resolution, dynamic range and sonic realism. Both also offer comprehensive DVD -Audio digital bass management, to optimize sonic performance with any loudspeakers, system and room environment. The DVD -1200 also includes built -in Dolby Digital and DTS decoding with 5.1 -channel outputs.

Like all Denon DVD players, both models feature an extensive complement of digital and analog video and audio connections, with progressive scan component video, S -video and composite video outputs, as well as performance and convenience features such as a full range of picture adjustment controls, intuitive on -screen menu systems that include easy WMA file navigation, and full -function remote controls.

The Denon DVM -2815 5 -Disc DVD -Audio/Video Changer and DVD -1200 DVD -Audio/Video Player are currently available at suggested retail prices of $449 and $349 respectively.

DVM -1815 and DVD -910: The Best DVD Player Values Available
The Denon DVM -1815 5 -Disc DVD -Video changer and DVD -910 DVD -Video player set remarkable new benchmarks in progressive scan DVD player value at suggested retail prices of just $399 and $299, offering more features and performance at lower prices than the models they replace. The DVM -1815 and DVD -910 are engineered to deliver exceptional progressive scan DVD -Video quality, thanks to their Faroudja DCDi digital picture enhancement circuitry, true 3:2 pulldown detection, 12 -bit, 54 MHz video D/A conversion and wide range of picture adjustments.

The players' video quality is matched by their audio performance -both models incorporate 24 -bit, 192 kHz audio D/A conversion, to deliver clear, dynamic high -resolution sound quality from movie soundtracks, music discs and WMA -encoded CDs. The DVM -1815 and DVD -910 both provide an extensive complement of video and audio connections, and offer useful operational and convenience features that make them ideal for value -conscious home theater enthusiasts seeking to create a true high -performance audio/video system.

From its beginning in the 1930s as a supplier of professional recording studio and broadcast equipment, Denon has become a world leader in the manufacture of the highest quality audio, audio/video, and software products. Denon is recognized internationally for innovative and groundbreaking products and has a long history of technical innovations, including the development and first commercialization of PCM digital audio.

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