Amino Taps Espial for DSL Set -Top Boxes

UK-based Internet protocol (IP) set-top-box (STB) maker Amino announced that it uses Espial`s Suite for TV in its range of Linux-based AmiNed STBs, including the incredibly small AmiNet100, a device smaller than its own remote control.

Amino Selects Espial Technology for DSL/IPTV Set -Top Boxes

Espial Suite for TV Provides Quick Time To Market to Deliver Video and Services via DSL

Yokohama, Japan Nov. 14, 2003 - Espial, a leading provider of embedded software solutions for interactive applications announced today that Amino has chosen Espial Suite for TV for the company`s AmiNET range of IP set -top boxes. The combined solution provides an improved, accurate rendering of Web content, and enables interactivity via the TV remote control.

Espial technology enables Amino to provide an enhanced user experience for either walled -garden content or full Web access. Key features of the Espial Escape browser allow control of TV menus and video playback within an HTML application. Now that Espial Suite for TV supports native platforms, the solution for Amino was available out of the box.

`By using Espial Suite for TV, we were able to dramatically improve the quality of the `HTML -on -TV` experience for our set -top boxes,` said Mike Greenall, marketing director of Amino. `Espial technology was ported to our platform very quickly. Without Espial`s platform support, this would have taken months.`

IP (Internet Protocol) video deployments are growing rapidly in North America, Europe, and Asia. More than 17 million consumers worldwide subscribed to DSL last year. More than nine million DSL subscribers are predicted in Japan this year, increasing from five million last year. Telcos are commercially deploying video over IP via DSL today, as cable operators launch competing telephone services.

`Amino has an exciting range of solutions for Video over IP. Their elegant low cost AmiNET range of STBs gives them a leading position in the market, and we are happy to be associated with such a cutting -edge hardware provider. Amino is an excellent example of a customer that requires a proven, solid solution for multiple deployments and is now enjoying the advantage of Espial`s portable technology,` said Dr. Neale Foster, director of TV at Espial. `One of the fastest growing segments of set -top box deployment is in the IP market. IP TV designs require a faithful and accurate Web experience due to the `always on` broadband connection that is present. Previous generations may have tolerated a subset experience, but today`s users demand more.`

About Amino
Amino is an electronic systems designer specializing in products for multimedia distribution such as on -line digital video and audio, as well as data reception. Its range of small, low cost, high functionality set -top boxes and gateway products are available as manufactured units or as licensable designs for hotels and hospitality markets, healthcare, retail and education, as well as networked and broadcast markets. The company offers a shared risk and reward approach that enables the rapid implementation of cost -effective services. Amino, based in Swavesey, near Cambridge, was founded in 1997 and is privately held. It has received £10m in funding from business angels and institutional investors.

About Espial
Espial is the leader in providing scalable TV application software for next generation television products. Espial software allows the creation of TV user interface solutions that build revenue via email, chat, games, program guides, broadcaster -content browsers, photo viewers, and Internet, while maintaining look and feel of the user interface. With more than 100 consumer electronic wins with companies such as Motorola, On Command, LodgeNet, Philips, Sony and Samsung, Espial has deployed proven solutions which apply universally across sectors including TV, wireless, automotive, and other connected devices. For more information, visit

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