Seven Leading Furniture Manufacturers Now Offer The ButtKicker As A Factory Installed Option

ButtKickers are thrilling leading furniture manufacturers. The Guitammer Co., leaders in low frequency sound, will display home theater seating from five leading furniture manufacturers at 2003 Custom Electronics Design Installation Trade Show.

Contact: Ken McCaw

The Guitammer Company Inc.
P O Box 82
Westerville OH 43086
614 -898 -9370 voice
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Booth #606 - Indianapolis Convention Center, IN (September 5, 2003) - The Guitammer Co., leaders in low
frequency sound products, is displaying home theater seating from five leading furniture manufacturers at the 2003
Custom Electronics Design Installation (CEDIA) Trade Show. Comfy overstuffed backrests, power footrests, imported
leather, dual chrome cup holders and now, with factory installed ButtKickers - these chairs are the latest "must have"
for every home theater.
The ButtKicker is a low frequency device that enables the person sitting in the chair to feel rather than hear the low
end (bass) of movies and music. Not a vibrating massage chair, the ButtKicker chairs are musically accurate and
respond precisely to the bass track of movies and music, or the .1 and LFE channels on 5.1 systems. ButtKicker
equipped chairs connect easily to any home theater system and can be installed by consumers and professionals.
Unlike a subwoofer or speaker, the ButtKicker doesn't make the room overly loud or carry the sound throughout the
entire house or apartment complex. This isolation of the low end within the seating makes ButtKicker equipped chairs
a favorite of wives and neighbors.
Computer games come alive like never before when played in ButtKicker enhanced seating adding an unparalleled
level of realism and excitement for gamers.
ButtKicker enhanced seating is available from each company's manufacturer's representatives, distributors and
Acoustic Smart, Audiosure, Beach, Berkline, Dabrevi, Fortress and Tactile Acoustics logos used with permission.
About The Guitammer Company
Located in Westerville, Ohio, The Guitammer Company is the leader in low frequency sound products for the home theater, ProSound, music,
amusement and theater industries. The ButtKicker® Shaker is used by industry leaders such as Walt Disney, IMAX, Universal Studies, Warner Bros.,
Creed, Pink, The Who in addition to home theater professionals and enthusiasts in more than 25 countries. For more information visit ButtKicker® is a registered trademark of The Guitammer Company.
"To summarise, the ButtKicker chairs are simply loads of fun. They add that extra dimension to movie
In an email sent to me by the ButtKicker distributors, they state that on a fun scale of 1 -10, the devices
score somewhere in the 1000 point region. I couldn't agree more."
Joel Kopping
Audio Video, May '03

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