Newest Harmony Remote Propels Remote Controls to a New Level of Simplicity

The SST-659 offers simplified activity based control with direct access activity buttons and fully backlit buttons and display.

Intrigue Technologies Inc., a leader in intelligent remote control technology, expands its award -winning line -up of Harmony Remote control products with the ground -breaking computer programmed Harmony SST -659.

"Today's remote control technologies seem to be drifting away from what every family really wants," said Bryan McLeod, CEO of Intrigue. "Touch screens and complex programming environments may have their place but the true goal of remote control design is to remove the barrier that exists between the average family and their entertainment, Smart State Technology 'SST' makes this possible," he added.

The Harmony SST -659 boasts a fully backlit keypad, interactive display, dedicated navigation controls with a super simple button layout that is well suited for the expert and amateur alike. Access the powerful technology behind the SST -659 by connecting to the website, walking through a simple set -up wizard, and then downloading the configuration into the remote through the supplied USB cable.

The SST 659 is custom configured by their owners on a personal home page at accessible by both PCs and MACs. This simplified and revolutionary approach eliminates the need to perform complicated programming required of other universal remotes and inputting 'Macros', those extremely complex and tricky multiple command instruction sets. Updating the remote for new or rearranged components is just as easy. Log on to your home page and make the necessary changes.

With Harmony's patent -pending Smart State Technology, a user simply answers a series of online prompts about his or her A/V system. Harmony then configures the remote by downloading all instructions for each user's unique mix of components, as well as personalized TV listings. Users operate the SST 659 by selecting one of the designated activity buttons, such as "Watch TV", "Watch a Movie," or "Listen to Music". The remote then sends all the commands needed to perfectly set -up the user's entertainment components for that specific activity.

The SST 659 not only controls every conceivable A/V component it also controls game box devices, MP3 music servers, curtains, lights, and much more.

At Intrigue Technologies' headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, the latest addition to the Harmony Remote product line is referred to informally as the "Family Remote". Geoff Lyon, Intrigues' VP of Sales and Marketing explains, "The design goal for the SST -659 was to deliver to the market the easiest remote control to program and operate. Programming is simple and fun through the website and the ease -of -use is unprecedented."

Currently available, the Harmony Remote SST -659 carries a suggested retail price of $199.99. The SST and Harmony's other products can be seem in Booth #1050 in the Long Beach Convention Center during EH Expo 2003.

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About Intrigue Technologies Inc. and The Harmony Remote

Justin Henry and Glen Harris, two biomedical engineers, originally founded Intrigue Technologies Inc. in 1999. They were frustrated by the complexity of operating a "simple" home theatre system and the plethora of remote control devices that were required. They conceived of the idea that is now the Harmony Remote Control. After identifying the opportunity for a "web -connected" universal remote control, they spent two years developing the Harmony Remote Control, establishing the company that is now known as Intrigue Technologies Inc. The company's vision is to produce revolutionary products that help consumers simplify their every day lives. The Harmony Remote Control has won numerous awards including the prestigious Consumer Electronic Show Innovations Award for 2002, Electronics House Product of the Year Award for 2002, Innovations 2003, Editors Choice at and most recently the Excite Award for best hand -held remote from Custom Retailer Magazine.

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