NAD Introduces Versatile New DVD Players, Including Its 1st DVD -Audio Compatible Player

T 533 and T 513 Combine NAD Audio Excellence with Improved Performance, Flexibility and Playback Capabilities

FALL EH EXPO 2003, LONG BEACH, CA., Nov. 10, 2003 - NAD, the highly regarded manufacturer of high -performance audio components, offers two new DVD Player models - the highly versatile T 533 DVD/DVD -A Player and the high performance, affordable T 513 DVD Player.

The T 533 is the first NAD component to feature DVD -Audio, providing ultra -high audio performance that supports up to five channels capable of reproducing 24 -bit, 192kHz resolution. Digital Rights Management agreements require that DVD -A can only be output as an analog signal, unlike other digital formats. Though playback for the T 533 and T 513 uses 5.1 -channel analog outputs, NAD, world renowned for engineering some of the finest sounding Digital -to -Analog stages in the audio industry, proves this is not a limitation.

Unlike most DVD -A players, the T533 offers comprehensive bass management facilities for both DVD -A and Dolby Digital programs. Speaker size, distance, and level are all adjustable and, since bass management is accomplished in the digital domain, before decoding, NAD's architecture offers the lowest distortion and best sonic performance possible from the DVD -A format.

For fast and efficient integration into the most demanding whole -house installations, NAD provides 12V triggers for remote on -off switching on both the T 513 and T 533 DVD Players.

The T 533 and T 513 support most popular disc formats, including JPEG, Kodak Picture CD, MP -3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio). The DVD -R recordable DVD format is also fully supported. Other DVD recording formats, such as DVD+R and DVD -RAM, may also play properly, depending on which DVD Recorder and blank discs are used.

Audio performance is fully consistent with NAD's high standards. The T 533 and T 513 serve as excellent music players for CD and DVD -A sources, and provide state -of -the -art video performance. The two models' 4x10 -bit, 54MHz Video DACs keep signal paths short and direct to minimize interference and are capable of reproducing the finest picture details, as well as true blacks and vivid colors.

Progressive scan with 3:2 pull down (film detection mode) is also integral to both players. Their Component Video outputs (Y, Cr, Cb) sport Progressive Scan to get the most out of the latest high -end digital video monitors and projectors, which deliver significantly higher resolution than standard, interlaced video monitors.

Both new players fully support CD -R and CD -RW formats. Even MP -3 and WMA files can be played back, with one CD -R capable of up to 10 hours of continuous music playback! For whichever audio format is chosen, the signal will be processed and decoded with typical NAD precision. The analog output stages are fed from separate regulated power supplies, and utilize audiophile quality parts to retain all the dynamics and detail of the original recoding.

The players feature three video connection options - component, S -Video and composite - and four for audio - coax, optical, 5.1 analog and stereo analog - assuring complete compatibility with any Home Theater set -up. The T 533 and
T 513 both support DTS surround sound formats, with the assistance of an external decoder; as well as Dolby Surround formats, with Dolby Digital included on the T 533.

Both players are full -featured, offering a broad array of capabilities, including Multi -Angle*, Multi -Sound*, Multi -Subtitle*, Frame, 100x Zoom, Marker Search, Smooth Scan, Slow Motion, and Repeat. All these functions can be easily accessed with the supplied remote control.

The new players bring NAD quality and performance to an affordable price range. Their superb performance and exceptional value make them outstanding choices, as well as natural partners to NAD's new high -performance A/V Receivers.

Shipping in December, the T 533 and T 513 will sell for at suggested prices of $499 and $299 respectively. They can be seen with other NAD products in Western Distribution's booth # 948 in the Long Beach Convention Center during the Fall EH EXPO 2003, November 10 -13th.

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