coNEXTion Systems, Inc. forms a new company to create superior products

The company will make its debut at the Electronic House Expo, on November 11-13, at the Long Beach Convention Center, Booth 741.

Simi Valley, CA - With over 100 years of collective experience, a high profile sales and engineering group have come together to produce an ground -breaking line of ceiling and outdoor speakers for the new start -up loudspeaker manufacturer, coNEXTion Systems, Inc. The members of the coNEXTion Systems team have combined impressive acoustic and industrial design product experience, to produce the new coNEXTion architectural loudspeaker product lineup that is both highly innovative and highly profitable for the custom installation community. This group was often "behind the scenes" at numerous successful companies and includes Doug Wright, the award winning industrial designer of C/I and outdoor Speakers, the services of Vance Dickason Consulting, one of the foremost loudspeaker design consultants, and author of the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, industry veteran Russ Swanson, and the consulting services of former Director of Sales and Marketing of Atlantic Technology, Nancy Weiner.

The company will make its debut at the Electronic House Expo, on November 11 -13, at the Long Beach Convention Center, Booth 741.

The coNEXTion product line has been designed to offer the custom installation dealers better sounding speakers that are easier to install, and offer more technology than other products currently on the market. No less than 5 patents are currently pending on just the first round of product offerings.

The principals of coNEXTion have been involved in the consumer electronics business for a number of years and consider the current paradigm of both product manufacturing and dealer relationships to be problematic at best. However, in light of emerging trends and technologies, the coNEXTion team sees inevitable change, and substantial opportunities to produce demonstrably superior products and to market them via twenty -first century channels.

Within the Custom A/V business, products are traditionally acquired in two primary ways. One approach is to simply "brand" products developed by outside OEM sources. Unfortunately, this can result in the manufacturer selling the "box" he was able to get rather than what the dealer really needs. The second and probably most popular method involves contracting the design, engineering, and manufacturing to a group of outside consultants and vendors. Few manufacturers in the ceiling and in -wall design business have their own in -house engineering and industrial design staff.

Although this approach has been used with success, the final product is inevitably affected by the dynamics of the relationship between the contractor and the manufacturer. They are each focused on maximizing their own bottom line in a fiercely competitive business climate. Unfortunately, the common goal is not better product but greater individual profit. These options have not proved totally optimal in providing dealers with products that are appropriately application specific, of sufficiently high quality, or as cost -effective as they potentially could be.

The coNEXTion Systems team set out to establish a new paradigm for the custom installation business. The first goal is to establish coNEXTion as a premier custom installation loudspeaker company with innovative and unique products that sound as great as they are easy to install. Accordingly, coNEXTion has initially focused its efforts heavily in the areas of product development and manufacturing. The company's opening product line includes in -wall, ceiling, and outdoor speakers. All of these products have been designed to offer the dealers more technology then any of the products currently on the market. The coNEXTion design team has pushed the envelope to ensure that the speakers are superior in the areas of aesthetics, installation ease, and acoustical quality.

The coNEXTion team also determined that this business model would have to address the area of product manufacturing. Consequently, coNEXTion has arranged a "strategic" partnership with one of the largest and most respected manufacturers in the world. coNEXTION did not chose this manufacturer because their pricing was the lowest, their turn -around times the quickest, or their promises the most outrageous. The company initiated this relationship based on the long -term benefits we saw for both coNEXTion and for its manufacturing partner.

When coNEXTion succeeds, its strategic manufacturing partner succeeds - giving coNEXTion the most motivated manufacturing partner in the world. This is how coNEXTion can deliver higher quality products, products that have higher real value as opposed to just higher perceived value, at lower consumer retail prices AND higher dealer margins!

coNEXTion Systems' proprietary products are both higher quality and less expensive within a given price category than any of its competitors. coNEXTion's products are promoted using a business -to business model directly to dealers and sold primarily through a secured Internet website. With the elimination of several levels from the traditional distribution and manufacturing chain, coNEXTion can comfortably afford to add features and value while keeping product pricing competitive. Doing so dramatically increases the value that the dealer can provide to his customer, without eroding his profits.

coNEXTion Systems has a comprehensive multi -stage plan for the future. Each new product/resource that the company develops has one grounding purpose -to help us fulfill the following mission: "Develop tools and products that will help the custom installer to be more successful."

For further information about coNEXTion Systems and its products, contact Nancy Weiner or Doug Wright. Please visit coNEXTion Systems online at Corporate mailing address is 5105 East Los Angeles Avenue #132, Simi Valley, CA 93063.

Phone: Toll Free (866) 310 -NEXT (6398).

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