Chipcon releases low -power RF Transmitter for narrowband and multi -channel applications

A true single-chip, low power, low-cost RF Transmitter that complies complies with 25 kHz operation under EN 300 220 and 12.5/25 kHz operation under ARIB STD-T67.

Oslo, Norway, 3 November 2003

Chipcon AS, a leading provider of low power, low cost RF -ICs, announces the launch of the CC1070 RF Transmitter, a true single -chip, low -power, narrowband and multi -channel CMOS RF transmitter for the 402 to 470 MHz and 804 to 940 MHz frequency ranges. The CC1070 is Chipcon`s response to the enormous interest for a cost -effective transmitter offering the same unique narrowband performance as the successful CC1020 RF Transceiver.

The CC1070 complies with 25 kHz operation under EN 300 220 and 12.5/25 kHz operation under ARIB STD -T67. The circuit is mainly intended for the ISM/SRD bands at 426, 429, 868 and 915 MHz, but can easily be programmed for world -wide, multi -channel operation at other frequencies in the 402 to 470 MHz and 804 to 940 MHz ranges.

"The CC1070 is the perfect counterpart to the CC1020 RF Transceiver," says John Helge Fjellheim, Chipcon's vice president of component sales. "It not only offers the same unique narrowband capabilities but when combined with the CC1020 as the receiver part, the CC1070 will enable a number of low -cost, battery operated, wireless one -way applications that demand a very clean transmitted spectrum, excellent selectivity for the receiver and a long communication range."

According to Fjellheim, the CC1020 has been very well received globally and is being designed into numerous high volume applications. "The CC1070 is another example of Chipcon's quality design and enables the company to further expand its wireless RF -IC sales worldwide. Chipcon now offer a complete line of one - and two -way wireless solutions that comply with the various global standards for the 300 to 1000 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands. Designers who have used the CC1020 as the receiver in a one -way system will find it easy to implement the CC1070 as the transmitter part of the system. Among other things,` says Fjellheim, `the CC1020 software can - to a large extent - be reused.`

The CC1070 RF Transmitter uses the industry's best performing, most highly integrated radio design and builds on Chipcon's SmartRF®02 0.35 m CMOS technology. In addition to its unique narrowband, multi -channel capabilities, the CC1070 has the same outstanding features as other members of the SmartRF® product family: low power, low cost, high integration, performance and flexibility.

The CC1070 is the optimum solution for applications such as automatic meter reading, alarm and security systems, remote keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring systems. It can also be used in any other wireless application requiring high sensitivity and selectivity or any application that just needs a secure, reliable RF solution.

The CC1070 achieves minimal bill of material as it requires only a few external components. It offers a programmable data rate of up to 153.6 kbps, a 2.1 to 3.6 supply voltage, programmable output power up to 10 dBm, fully on -chip VCO, programmable carrier frequency and intelligent wake -up circuitry for power management.

The CC1070 will be offered in a QFN 20 -type package and is specified over an extended temperature range from -40C to +105C. Qualification is ongoing for +125C. At 1 million quantities the unit price is less than USD 1.00.

The CC1070 is supported by a world -class development kit, that makes it quick and easy for designers to evaluate the performance of the chip and develop their own RF products.

For further information contact:
John Helge Fjellheim, VP Component Sales: Tel: +47 22 95 84 93; E -mail:

Birgit Opland, VP Marketing: Tel: +47 22 95 83 19; E -mail:

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Chipcon is a leading fabless semiconductor design and manufacturing company. Chipcon's standard RF -ICs provide low cost, low power and high performance RF solutions for a large number of wireless applications. Chipcon's single -chip high -performance RF transceivers and transmitters target low -power wireless applications in the 300 to 1000 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands and are distributed worldwide. Chipcon also offers turnkey ASIC development, supporting customers from initial project ideas to volume production.

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