RICHMOND, IN - Belden Electronics Division, a world leader in the development of wire and cable products for commercial, residential and industrial applications, announces the availability of five composite cables for the residential market. These cables were designed to enable the fast, easy interconnection of a variety of popular control systems with any number of home applications: audio -video, climate and lighting control, security, home theater, smart appliances, home automation, and multi -media systems. Belden HomeChoice Multi -media Control cables also meet the industry need for a high quality, high reliability cabling product that interfaces flawlessly with increasingly sophisticated touch panel controls.
HomeChoice Part No. HC2756R is comprised of a data pair and a power pair. HC2756R is designed at 100 ohms impedance, plus it is optimized for use on systems running the following protocols: AMX® AXLink®, Crestron® Cresnet, EIA RS -422 and EIA RS -485. The data pair has two 22 AWG stranded, tinned copper conductors insulated with foamed polyolefin and shielded with a Beldfoil® aluminum tape and a drain wire. This construction offers excellent noise immunity for accurate data transmission. The power pair is rated at 300V and is comprised of two 18 AWG stranded, tinned copper conductors insulated with PVC.

Belden HomeChoice Part No. 7949A is comprised of a UTP cable with four Bonded -Pairs and four 16 AWG stranded, bare copper conductors. The other three multi -media cables, Part Nos. 7950A, 7951A and 7952A, consist of one 4 -pair UTP and, respectively, 16, 18 and 14 AWG stranded, bare copper conductors. All data pairs are polyolefin insulated; all power conductors are PVC insulated. When installed in accordance with TIA/EIA 570 -A (the Residential Telecommunications Cabling Standard), Part No. 7949A meets the Category 5e requirements; Part Nos. 7950A, 7951A and 7952A perform to Category 5 specifications.

To form these composites, the individual components are cabled together, then overall jacketed with flame retardant PVC. (Part No. 7952A is the only cable, however, that is jacketed in a Siamese construction.) Continuous sequential footage markings on the overall PVC jacket eliminate guesswork and waste during installation. Rip cords are included to make the jacket's removal both quick and easy.

All HomeChoice cables are backed by 10 -year product warranties and are manufactured to the industry's highest quality standards by utilizing systems and processes that assure consistent, dependable performance.
For more information, contact Belden Electronics Division, P.O. Box 1980, Richmond, Indiana 47875, or call 1 -800 -BELDEN -4. FAX: 765 -983 -5294. Or visit the Web site:

About Belden Electronics Division

Belden Electronics Division, a unit of Belden, Inc., is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of specialty wire and cable products for the electronics and electrical markets. Belden Electronics Division is headquartered in Richmond, Indiana. Belden has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands and Hungary, with distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Australia and the Netherlands. A majority of Belden's manufacturing, engineering, and support functions are registered to the International Organization for Standardization.
AMX and AXLink are AMX trademarks.
Crestron and Cresnet are Crestron trademarks.

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