ICIA Offers One -Stop -Shop for AV Market Reports

ICIA has established market intelligence partnerships with three leading market analyst firms - CriticalEYE / Infoscape, IDC and Insight Media.

Fairfax, VA, October 29, 2003 - The International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®) announces that it now offers a one -stop -shop for audiovisual market research needs of AV manufacturers, dealers, resellers, VARs, producers, independent design consultants, independent reps, video/film distributors, and end users.

ICIA has established market intelligence partnerships with three leading market analyst firms - CriticalEYE / Infoscape, IDC and Insight Media. Market reports describing the AV industry from these partner firms are available on www.infocomm.org, together with ICIA's own market reports. Visitors to the website can quickly search the several hundred reports by product category, geographical region, and vertical industry to find the exact market data they need for their business purposes.

"One of the important functions of our association is to keep our members abreast of industry trends and issues," said Duffy Wilbert., ICIF Director of Strategic Initiatives. "The ability to quickly and easily find relevant market data on ICIA's website will be beneficial to anyone who is in the AV business. It will increase the knowledge of new market trends and provide valuable input to AV companies' business plans."

CriticalEYE / Infoscape

CriticalEYE, a niche business magazine focusing on corporate intelligence, is an online and printed publication. CriticalEYE wants to challenge preconceptions and provide an insight of the value intelligence can bring to the strategic decision making process. Strategy has universal application, regardless of industry, and is categorized into Mergers and Acquisitions; Strategic Issues; Product Development; and Sales and Marketing.


IDC is a global market intelligence and advisory firm in the information technology and telecommunications industries. IDC analyzes and predicts technology trends so that its clients can make strategic, fact -based decisions on IT purchases and business strategy. Over 700 IDC analysts in 50 countries provide local expertise and insights on technology markets.

Insight Media

Insight Media covers final microdisplay -based products in near -to -eye and projection segments, and all of the component and subsystem technologies that are integrated into these products. This includes microdisplay devices, illumination systems, screens, electronics, films & optics and light engines.

For any questions on ICIA's market intelligence program, contact Eva Guterres, director of market intelligence, at phone 703.273.7200, toll free 800.659.7469, or at email eguterres@infocomm.org.

About the AV Communications Industry
Educational facilities, government agencies, businesses, architectural firms and building owners rely on professionally designed, installed and produced AV systems for a variety of conferencing, communications, sales and advertising functions. The AV communications industry makes the technologies that support these functions possible, specifically the products and systems for visual display, audio production, interfacing and signal distribution, lighting, control systems, interactive display, remote video and web conferencing, as well as the cabling, connectors, and racks to tie them into a system. The AV industry interfaces with IT and telecommunications industries largely to transport the information that is presented using these AV technologies. AV solutions providers pursue ongoing training and development, including ICIA's highly respected education and certification programs, to stay up on the latest AV technologies.

About ICIA
The International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®) is the premier trade association for the professional audiovisual communications industry. ICIA is the founder of InfoComm, the conference and trade exposition for audiovisual communications professionals who come to learn about the latest technologies and available services as well as new and alternative applications. In early 2003, ICIA and two other associations - - CEDIA and NSCA - - launched Integrated Systems Events to serve their collective memberships in Europe and Asia. ICIA serves its worldwide membership as the pre -eminent provider of AV education, training and certification.

ICIA and its foundation, the International Communications Industries Foundation, Inc.® (ICIF®) have established a new market intelligence program. The purpose of the program is to facilitate the process of finding relevant market information and increase the number of available market reports covering the AV industry.

More information about the AV industry and ICIA can be found at www.AVolution.info and www.infocomm.org.

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