Integrated IC offers complete, uni-directional, high-side solution in a miniature SOT-23 package

Mountain View, Calif., October 27, 2003 - Integration Associates, a fabless semiconductor company offering analog and mixed -signal semiconductor solutions for wireless and wireline communications, today announced the launch of the IA2410, a high voltage, high -side current sense amplifier. This amplifier is designed for current sense monitoring and control in a variety of portable electronic devices, as well as cellular infrastructure equipment, high -end routers, smart battery packs, and automotive applications.

`The requirements for today's portable power management applications are becoming increasingly complex, which means that the components must be more integrated, more precise, more flexible, more efficient, and smaller than ever before,` said Jean -Luc Nauleau, chief executive officer for Integration Associates. `The IA2410 has been engineered to maximize these values. When you consider all the relevant factors affecting overall cost -effectiveness, the IA2410 is an ideal drop -in part for challenging electronic designs that can utilize its high voltage, high side current sense capability.`

The IA2410 is an ideal choice for application designers concerned about controlling costs and protecting valuable PCB real estate. This is an extremely cost -effective and value -added solution that has low power requirements and can sense a wide range of currents with different resistor values. In addition to design choices enabling the use of the tiny SOT -23 package, the IA2410 also comes with an internal temperature sensor that can further reduce the BOM by replacing the current sense resistor with a PCB copper trace. The IC temperature -sensing feature can be used to compensate for the temperature coefficient of the copper.

Technical Specifications
The IA2410 operates from a single supply (5V to 36V) and offers a highly accurate (0.2% full scale) conversion of current output to a ground referenced voltage over the specified temperature range ( -40 C to 85 C). Measuring very small voltage drops across a sense resistor, the IA2410 converts this voltage into a current output that is a small ratio of the measured current. This output is then used to monitor the value of the actual line current. The amplification factor of the current sense can be adjusted with a choice of external resistor ratios, so that a large range of current can be measured.

Other key features are an output option for temperature measurement, 90uA supply current, 9uA max shutdown supply current, and 83dB power supply rejection.

The IA2410 is available in either a 5 -pin SOT -23 or 8 -pin SOIC package, and is priced at $.90 for quantities of 1,000.

About Integration Associates
Integration Associates is a privately held, fabless semiconductor company headquartered in Mountain View, CA, USA, with offices and design centers in Budapest, Hungary, and Lisbon, Portugal. Integration Associates designs and delivers tested wafers and packaged ICs for Wireless, Modem/Wireline, and Power Management applications for a wide range of systems, from notebook computers to communications networks. For more information about Integration Associates and/or its products, visit the Web site at

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