NextGen Home to use Lightolier Controls

Demonstration home lighting system to be controlled with Lightolier Controls products.

Lightolier Controls System Selected

for NextGen04 Demonstration Home
Whole -house lighting control system to include MultiSet Pro(TM)/Brilliance II(TM)

DALLAS - October 28, 2003 - Lightolier Controls has been selected to provide a whole -house lighting control system for a one -of -a -kind interactive project that highlights the most innovative companies and technologies in the residential construction and home buying industry. Lighting within the NextGen04 Demonstration Home will be controlled through a MultiSet Pro(TM)/Brilliance II(TM) system.

"For a company to be included in the project it has to have innovative products," said Paul Barnett of iShow, the company behind NextGen04. "Lightolier was selected as a partner based on the company's use of the latest cutting -edge lighting concepts."

The purpose of the NextGen04 Demonstration Home is to showcase the latest products, construction practices and design trends for the evolving homebuyer and builder alike. The NextGen04 Demonstration Home will be on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center during the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and International Builders' Show (IBS). In addition to the Lightolier Controls system, Lightolier will contribute the entire lighting package for the home.

"The NextGen04 Demonstration Home is a unique opportunity feature the Lightolier Controls whole -house lighting control system in a highly visible environment," said Lightolier Controls product manager Jason Moreno. "We are exited to be a part of the project and to be recognized for our inventive products."

The MultiSet Pro/Brilliance II whole -house lighting control system will provide total lighting control throughout the home with the touch of a single button. The system is capable of operating up to 30 rooms/systems. The elegant master control stations can be set to control a single room, a group of rooms or a pathway of light, adding a level of comfort, convenience and security throughout the home.

With the MultiSet Pro/Brilliance II system, lighting scenes can be pre -programmed to create elegant appearances within a room for any occasion or to set the mood throughout the home. Every button on each Brilliance II master control keypad is fully and easily programmable. Tap the "scene" button and the system adjusts the lighting in a specific room or group of rooms to the desired preset level. Because the system provides maximum design flexibility, additional components can be integrated into the lighting control system as the homeowners' needs change.

"There is a different kind of homeowner emerging - one that is seeking the next generation in home technology, building science and design," said Barnett. "They want to either buy new homes or renovate their current home to offer more livable space. Evolving home concepts will involve a hybrid blend of technology, building science and design trends, resulting in a smarter, more functional and more livable home environment."

When completed the NextGen04 Demonstration Home will be donated to Opportunity Village, a not -for -profit organization that serves more than 600 clients with intellectual disabilities. Opportunity Village enhances their lives and the lives of their families by enabling their clients to enter the community and to earn compensation by performing a wide variety of needed job functions.

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