Calrad Electronics / Syllax Companies and A5tek Corp. Combine to Get Everyone HIP

A5tek Corp's ieHIP - Home Infotainment Platform and Syllax AVES, Media-Centric styled console products will be sold to consumers and custom home system installers, through the Syllax e-Commerce web site.

Sunnyvale, Calif., October, 29th, 2003 - Calrad Electronics and E -commerce business partner Syllax, Inc. have partnered with A5tek Corp, to begin selling A5tek Corp's ieHIP product. ieHIP or Home Infotainment Platform as it is also known, is a single console for providing features that include, a CD/DVD player, a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Music -Jukebox, Digital Photo Album, Karaoke Machine, Television, Internet, and Computer functionality, combined into one simple easy to use device. Syllax already manufactures a similar product called the AVES, (Audio -Video Entertainment -System) the unit is similar to the ieHIP product line but is more directed to the installer OEM markets for expandability. The combined strengths of these units will offer a more complete product line to meet our customers needs, further promoting this new innovative technology for everyone.

A5tek Corp has pioneered the development of an all -in -one platform that encompasses today's need for convergence solutions into one device for a little over a thousand dollars. A5tek's on -screen user interface, smart card technologies, and innovative multimedia system designed architecture, place it head and shoulders above recent entries into the retail Media Center consumer product market. A5tek leverages its expertise in digital to analog, and analog to digital video conversion technologies, and the ability to converge the best functionalities of related consumer devices, and the computer, into this truly state -of -the -art device.

ieHIP is innovated with its unique Numbering Menu System that allows even novice users to operate as an entertainment device, and an information hub that connects to various types of TV's or display mediums throughout the home. The ieHIP can display previously stored content internal to the console and can call up content from other audio -video equipment or computers via its home networking capability.

"When the average consumer takes into consideration the costs associated with purchasing all of these other devices, ieHIP makes a lot of sense" says Lawrence McGeorge, Sales Manager for A5tek Corp. "We've also determined that having a stack of devices with multiple remote controls, isn't exactly a benefit to the average consumer. In fact, the ability to have one device to control from a centralized location in the living room is actually desired by many households in the U.S. and around the world."

ieHIP seeks to take advantage of its easy installation, simple design, and affordable price point, to help consumers do what they want, when they want to do it.

"We combine the best technologies available, integrate their functionality and feature sets with our own ieHIP 1,2,3software interfaces, and voila, "The most easy to use affordable entertainment -information console available" states McGeorge.

"With ieHIP you already receive the ability to access many different types of entertainment and information at the touch of a button, without all those nasty subscription fees. We feel that the average consumer already pays for an Internet connection and some type of TV subscription service, why should they have to subscribe to another service?

That's why our A5 Studio in the Philippines were created to provide updated content links for on -going product upgrading to allow users to have new IP -Games to play, new IP -TV to watch, or new IP -Radio to listen to."

ieHIP has received widespread industry attention in articles appearing in the Comdex Daily News (November 2002), CEPro Magazine (March 2003, "The Best of CES 2003"), and more recently in Electronic House Magazine (August 2003, "Media Marvels")

Automatic product upgrades for the ieHIP, will be made available through the website. Additional information on ieHIP or A5tek Corp. can be found at: To purchase an ieHIP Infotainment Console, please go to the web site for ordering information and product pricing.

"We are confident that Calrad Electronics and its new e -Commerce business partner Syllax, Inc. will bring over fifty years of solid experience in the home installation and home cabling products market to the table, and provide us with a high profile presence among Calrad's national network of home systems installers," adds McGeorge. "Syllax will provide us with market presence in both the consumer and home system installer markets, giving us the opportunity to penetrate two markets, and a best of both worlds synergy."

About A5tek Corp.

A5tek is the amalgamation of various industry technology experts who came together 4 years ago, in May of 1999, to form the company and set it on its current path of designing the flagship product the ieHIP. Four years later, A5tek is getting strong and growing. The A5 Studio was created as an additional resource for engineering research and development, living room e -Commerce portal software, and content development. The office is strategically located n Cebu City, Philippines, the country's IT hub in the south. A5tek pioneers the convergence of analog and digital technologies for entertainment and information provision to the consumer home.

A5tek Corp's world wide headquarters are located in Sunnyvale California, with a third office located in Taipei, Taiwan, which coordinates the production and manufacturing of ieHIP units. For additional information on ieHIP, A5tek or other company information, please go to the company web site at:

Or contact:

Lawrence W. McGeorge
World Wide Product Sales Manager
A5tek Corp.
408.752.0899, x110

About Calrad Electronics / Syllax, Inc.

Since the inception of Calrad in the early 1950's the company has been involved in the consumer and hi -end audio -video component and accessory business. With offices and product manufacturing plants located in Japan and Taiwan. Distribution of packaged products under the Calrad brand started with general line electronic distributors thru out the U.S.

Over the years, Calrad's growth to over 4,500 line items has expanded into other markets including broadcast, pro -audio, medical, aerospace, home theater and the development of OEM products and accessories for other well know companies in the industry. In recent years, Calrad has gained recognition for its increased market share and their continued support to customers' needs. With its most recent partnership with Syllax, Inc. one of its OEM, e -Commerce distribution partners in new technologies and products, Calrad's product line with Syllax's strong Internet presence will provide further expansion of product support and awareness to a wider range of customers.

Calrad's corporate offices are located Los Angeles, California, with offices and manufacturing factories located in Taiwan and China.

For additional information on the AVES product or other company information, please go to the company web site at:

Or contact:

Wes Black
V.P., R & D
Calrad Electronics.
323 -465 -2131

Copyright 1999 - 2003, A5tek Corp. All rights reserved. The A5tek Corp. and ieHIP, and ieHIP logo are trademarks of A5tek Corp.

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