Software Allows You to Now Recover Lost Files From Digital Cameras, PDA's, CompactFlash and More

Digital Image and Data Recovery Solution Works with All Media Types and is Most Versatile on the Market

Decorah, IA - MediaRECOVER, LLC, is announcing the release of the latest version of its award -winning digital image and data recovery software, MediaRECOVER™. The newly updated software quickly rescues deleted and corrupted data from a wide array of media types, including CompactFlash cards, MultiMediaCards(MMC), Secure Digital (SD) memory cards, SmartMedia, Memory Sticks, Micro Drives, PCMCIA, PC Cards, ZIP disks, hard drives and floppy diskettes. The versatile program recovers lost files from any type of removable media used in digital cameras, PDAs, and mobile phones, as well as desktop and notebook computers, making it the most flexible file recovery product available. The software recovers images from nearly every type of digital camera on the market.

Recently, MediaRECOVER™ received two important industry awards. In September, it won the award for Best Productivity Software at the RetailVision trade show in Phoenix, AZ, and was voted runner -up for Best New Technology at the show. In August, American Photo Magazine presented MediaRECOVER™ with its prestigious Editor's Choice award.

"Our robust software offers multiple ways to recover files and recovers all the files proprietary to each camera manufacturer," said Korey Bachelder, 23 -year -old founder and CEO of MediaRECOVER, LLC, a company he founded two years ago. "MediaRECOVER™ works with all media and every card reader."

MediaRECOVER™ is available in both Windows and Mac OS X versions for $39.95. Organizations such as ABC News, Avnet, Dell, the New York City Fire Department, Stanford University, VF Corp., and West Coast Choppers have used MediaRECOVER™ and its services to recover files they have lost.

"After returning from Kuwait in 135 -degree heat, our flash disk of images/video files was corrupted," said Jesse James of West Coast Choppers, star of the Discovery Channel's Monster Garage and Motorcycle Mania 2. "Thanks to MediaRECOVER™'s product and staff, all of the images and video files were saved. Needless to say, these files were worth a million times what the product costs."

If images are accidentally deleted or formatted in a camera or on a computer, MediaRECOVER™ can retrieve the lost data, even if the media has become corrupted. MediaRECOVER™ does not write to the media, but safely stores the recovered files in a user -defined location. MediaRECOVER™ offers an intuitive user interface that only requires three easy steps to recover files. Even new users can recover deleted files in less than a minute.

MediaRECOVER™ easily reverses the effects of accidental file deletion and corruption. There are many reasons files can be deleted or corrupted, including shock, static electricity charges, extreme temperatures, dropping, and formatting. File corruption can also occur when a media card is pulled out too quickly, or the camera or computer is turned off while it is still on or still writing a file, or if the battery power becomes too low while the camera or computer is in use. Incompatibilities can occur when formatting and using media between different cameras, computers, and card readers, and these incompatibilities can make files unreadable. Since memory cards tend to store images sequentially, when a file is deleted or formatted the reference to the file is deleted but the data remains intact, and it can be restored as long as a new image hasn't been written on top of it.

MediaRECOVER™ is able to rescue JPEG, EXIF, TIFF, PNG, GIF, BMP, as well as RAW proprietary image formats such as Canon CRW, Nikon NEF, and Kodak DCR. In addition, the software can recover AVI, MOV, MPG, and MPEG video and audio clips.

Along with its data and image recovery capabilities, MediaRECOVER™ includes two handy utilities: Format and Wipe. When a card is corrupt or not properly initialized and the camera or computer states that the card is "corrupt," "not initialized," or "not mounting," the Format Option corrects the media. The Format Option writes a DOS -compatible file system to the card without overwriting any of the old data with new data. Using the Format Option, followed by the Recovery Option, retrieves files from a corrupt card. The software also includes a Wipe Option to remove old data from a card completely and securely in case of corruption or a non -working card. The Wipe Option overwrites the entire card with zeros, including the file system areas, allowing the card to be recognized and formatted again. The Wipe Option is handy after a card is filled up, and also to wipe old data off a card, so the media is fresh for reuse.

MediaRECOVER™ is available for purchase from or from the 1,100 independent camera stores that belong to the P.R.O. Group. Startting in November, the software can also be purchased from Best Buy, Office Depot, Fry's, Tiger Direct and other major retail chains. At the MediaRECOVER™ Web site, users can download a free demo version of the software that allows them to preview all the files they can recover with the paid software.

In addition, MediaRECOVER, LLC, offers a FlashcardFIX File Recovery Service that can rescue data from all the media types and file types described above. The service includes free evaluation, free shipping, and flat -fee pricing starting at $50 for up to 8 megabytes of data. Customers are only charged after their files are recovered, and there is no charge if the service does not find the files. The price includes recovery to a CD (in PC or Mac format) and shipping back to the customer. MediaRECOVER, LLC, can also host the files in .Zip format on its server so customers can retrieve their files the same day the company recovers them. The cost for hosting files for download on the site is only $15.

MediaRECOVER, LLC, also provides an ENTERPRISE MediaRECOVER™ Package for camera stores and computer stores that wish to offer image and data recovery services on removable media for their own customers. The package includes 24/7 technical e -mail support, upgrades to the latest versions of the software, and reduced fees on lab service if a card needs to be sent to MediaRECOVER's file service for recovery.

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