Home Theater Plate and Video Balun offer installer simplicity, convenience and added value

Newmarket, NH - October 24, 2003 - Russound, a leading manufacturer of a/v products for the residential systems and connectivity markets, announced two new additional products to its popular PlateMate line - The HTP -1 Home Theater Plate and the MOD -VB Video Balun. Both products complement the accessory based PlateMate collection which ranges from simple gold connectors to complete boxed kits. PlateMate provides convenient affordable solutions designed to save installers time, worry and money.

The HTP -1 is a double gang in -wall plate that offers a simple solution to an often tedious and untidy Home Theater installation, saving time and money. The HTP -1 provides connections for home theater systems consisting of five satellite speakers, one passive (Speaker level) subwoofer and two active (Line level) subwoofers. The HTP -1 is a snap to install and makes hooking up standard home theater components easier than ever. The HTP -1's rugged ABS plate supports the weight of all wires. In addition, the Home Theater Plate has gold plated, 5 -way binding posts for long -term reliability and uses 7/16 Hex Nuts (front and back) which allows the installer to tighten down connections with a nut driver or socket wrench.

In addition to the HTP -1, the new MOD -VB Video Balun is yet another indispensable item for an installer's connectivity toolkit! The MOD -VB is a bi -directional composite video signal converter that eliminates ground loops and hum bars as well as the need for bulky, costly coax cable. It does this simply by converting an unbalanced video signal (RCA style connector) to run over CAT -5 cable as a balanced signal and back to unbalanced.

Used with CAT -3 or CAT -5 cable in typical multi -zone video distribution systems, the MOD -VB is sold in pairs, and can be used in a wide array of Distributed Video applications including Video Conferencing, CCTV, Video Bulletin Boards and Surveillance Monitoring. Installers can save time and money, without jeopardizing video quality, with the new Russound MOD -VB.

According to Russound VP Joe Brouillet, the two new PlateMate products were the obvious answer to a common problem. "Russound dealers are always looking for new solutions to save them time and money. The Home Theater Plate offers a quick and easy way to wire home theater systems while the MOD -VB ensures clean signal without jeopardizing video quality. Both are real time -savers and can help prevent costly call backs." Both products are available now through authorized Russound dealers and distributors.

Russound is a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of state of the art audio, video and connectivity products for the residential systems and a/v connectivity markets. Founded in 1967, the company is based in Newmarket, New Hampshire and markets their products throughout the world. Additional information on Russound and its products can be readily obtained at The company can also be reached by e -mail at, by phone at 603/659 -5170 and by fax at 603/659 -5388.
Product Dimensions Map Price
HTP -1 4 7/8" square x 1 ¾" deep $49

MOD -VB N/A $45

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