A remote control that wants to be touched…

A few years ago, the universal remote control was introduced, THE solution for a coffee table full of remote controls. Marmitek now introduces the remote control of the future. An advanced device with a unique touch screen: the EasyTouch 35.

The use of a touch screen has several advantages. First of all, ease of use: Controlling the device is easier because only the functions of the device that is being controlled are actually shown on the display. The display can also be configured to your individual wishes and can be used in the dark, thanks to the subtle blue display lighting.

The EasyTouch 35 is easy to install: The device is pre -programmed for nearly all brands and models. The remote control also has a unique learning function, in order to add future devices to the already extensive code library.

With the built -in 'Home Theatre Macro' function several commands can be combined in one button. An example: you can increase the volume of the TV, start a movie on the DVD player, switch the amplifier to 'Dolby Surround' mode, close the curtains and dim the lights by pressing only one button! The last two options are possible with optional Marmitek X -10 modules, which can dim and switch lights and appliances without using any wires.

The EasyTouch 35 not only transmits an IR signal, but also a radio (RF) signal. This RF signal can travel through walls and ceilings, as opposed to the IR signal. This means that the remote control can also be used for appliances in other rooms. Very handy if you want to e.g. activate the VCR or satellite tuner in the living room from your bedroom. This application requires the optional Marmitek Powermid receiver.

The suggested retail price of the EasyTouch 35 is € 79.95. More information and addresses of sales outlets can be found at www.marmitek.com.

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