DTI Demonstrates Advanced Wireless Testing Solutions at ITU Telecom in Geneva

DTI Showcases its claRiFyTM Interference Measurement System, Segue™ Analyzer Wi-Fi Tester, SeeGullTM LX Scanning Receiver, and Model Tuning Solution

Germantown, MD - October 10, 2003 - DTI, a leader in wireless intelligent solutions announced yesterday that it unveiled claRiFy™, a breakthrough propagation and interference measurement solution, and will demonstrate it at the upcoming ITU Telecom trade show in Geneva, Switzerland (October 12th - 18th) in booth 5250. DTI is a PCTEL (PCTI: Nasdaq) company.

In addition, DTI will demonstrate its advanced wireless testing solutions, including: the Segue™ Analyzer, a hand -held Wi -Fi (802.11a/b) test tool; the SeeGull™ LX GSM/WCDMA Scanning Receiver, used for network optimization; and its DBS (Distance -Based Sampling) system, a Model Tuning solution.

claRiFy™'s breakthrough technology improves network performance and increases capacity by providing GSM Wireless Operators with a complete evaluation of their network's RF environment. Network -wide RF measurements obtained with claRiFy™ enable carriers to rigorously evaluate co -channel and adjacent channel interference issues. This results in more effective fine -tuned propagation models, which improve Automatic Frequency Planning (AFP) and Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) applications, and allow carriers to optimize network performance without investing in additional infrastructure. This intelligence translates directly into the bottom line savings, as capital spending for network infrastructure is reduced. "Co -channel interference is a complex problem that has vexed wireless carriers for many years," said Paul Kline, President and Co -Founder of DTI. Using DTI's proprietary technology, claRiFy™ provides carriers with a powerful tool to improve coverage, service quality and customer satisfaction."

DTI's Segue Analyzer™ is a handheld test and security verification tool for Wi -Fi (802.11a/b) networks. This state -of -the -art device was designed with the network administrator/MIS person in mind to analyze and optimize 2.4 GHz and 5.6 GHz WLAN and WWANs. Segue Analyzer™ monitors traffic, identifies regions and sources of interference, detects unwanted subscribers and access points, reports throughput, and measures network and radio parameters.

The SeeGull™ LX scanning receiver is used by wireless carriers to obtain network performance data through drive tests, site surveys, base station monitoring, and network coverage analysis. The SeeGull™ LX receiver features dual mode/dual band operation, layer 3 decoding, a built -in spectrum analyzer, and rapid demodulation of signals. These features provide increased analysis capabilities for RF performance, and enhance the carrier's visibility into their network, dramatically simplifying troubleshooting and network optimization.

DTI's DBS (Distance -Based Sampling) solution is used for propagation model tuning during the various stages of the network lifecycle. The rapid and accurate measurements of this easy -to -use system enhance network deployment and network optimization. This cost -effective product also supports Lee Criteria, a sampling methodology that improves the reliability of estimating signal strength in RF predication tools.

About DTI
DTI (Dynamic Telecommunications), a leader in wireless intelligent solutions, designs, develops, and distributes high -speed, multi -standard wireless test and measurement solutions. DTI is known for the world -class speed and reliability of its SeeGull™ family of wireless receivers, which are sold globally and are designed to work with all of the world's leading wireless protocols. Other DTI products include propagation & interference measurement systems, Wi -Fi/WLAN test tools, transmitters, and base station testers. Customer applications for DTI's products include network optimization via drive testing, site survey, base station monitoring, and radio propagation measurement for cellular, PCS, and other wireless networks. DTI also offers products geared toward the needs of government agencies for Intelligence, Military and Home Land Security applications. DTI, located in Germantown, Maryland, was acquired by PCTEL in March of 2003. DTI headquarters are located at 12810 Wisteria Drive, Germantown, MD 20878. Telephone: +1 301 -515 -0036. Website: www.DynamicTelecommunications.com.

About PCTEL (PCTI: Nasdaq)
PCTEL is a leading provider of Wi -Fi and cellular mobility software, software -defined radio products and access technology. PCTEL's products include WLAN software products (Segue™ Product Line) that simplify installation, roaming, Internet access and billing. Through its subsidiary, DTI, the company designs, develops and distributes OEM receivers and receiver -based products that measure and monitor cellular networks. The company maintains a portfolio of more than 120 analog and broadband communications and wireless patents, issued or pending, including key and essential patents for modem technology. The company's products are sold or licensed to PC manufacturers, PC card and board manufacturers, wireless carriers, wireless ISPs, software distributors, wireless test and measurement companies, and system integrators. PCTEL headquarters are located at 8725 West Higgins Road, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60631. Telephone: 773 -243 -3000. For more information, please visit our web site at: http://www.pctel.com.

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