UPnP™ Implementers Corporation Certifies First Product in the New AV Device Category

Arcadyan Wireless Home A/V Platform to display UPnP certification logo

San Ramon, California - August 12, 2003 - The UPnP™ Implementers Corporation (UIC) today announced that the organization has certified the first product in the new AV device category - a UPnP Digital Media Receiver for OEM customers. The Digital Media Receiver allows consumers to wirelessly transmit content from their Personal Computer (PC) to their home A/V entertainment center using standard Wi -Fi technology. Users can listen to MP3s and stream video and photos in the comfort of their living room.

"We're pleased to certify this Philips device, which will be provided to OEM's by the new Philips and Accton joint venture, Arcadyan. OEM customers can leverage the UPnP™ certification under their own brand in multiple market segments. We expect it to be the first of many networked audio/video products that feature UPnP technology," said Karen Stash, President of the UIC.

"This is a tremendous achievement," said Engelbert van Pelt, Executive Vice President, Arcadyan Technology Corporation, the newly formed joint venture between Royal Philips Electronics and Accton Technology Corporation. "By including UPnP™ technology, we're creating the first of many products for the home that consumers can just plug in and use to transmit digital content from the PC and Internet into the living room. In fact, consumers will be able to buy the first branded product as early as this summer."

"The certification of a product in this new AV Device category represents a very significant step. In just 18 months the standards have been extended to include new categories and many new products," said Stash. "The members of the UPnP Forum are enabling simple and robust connectivity between stand -alone products and PCs from many different vendors today, and will continue to develop standards to help make sure that home and business networks just work."

There are now more than 44 UPnP™ certified products and 33 UIC member companies.
Products authorized to display the UPnP certification mark provide an easy way for consumers to recognize those items that have been developed with a simple method for connecting to home and corporate networks. All certified products implement the UPnP device standards as defined for specific product categories developed and published by the UPnP Forum, an industry association of over 600 companies.

About UPnP Technology

UPnP™ technology makes home networking simple and affordable so the connected home experience becomes a mainstream experience for users and a great opportunity for the industry. Published in 2000, version 1.0 of the UPnP architecture offers pervasive network connectivity between PCs of all form factors, intelligent appliances, and wireless devices. UPnP architecture leverages TCP/IP and the Web technologies to enable seamless proximity networking in addition to control and data transfer among networked devices in the home, office, and everywhere in between. UPnP technology can be supported on essentially any operating system and works with essentially any type of physical networking media - wired or wireless - providing maximum user and developer choice and great economics.

About the UPnP Implementers Corporation

The UPnP Implementers Corporation (UIC) is the non -profit corporation that promotes the adoption of UPnP technology by manufacturers of hardware and software products. The UIC administers the UPnP device certification process and the UPnP mark licensing. UIC members certify their devices that implement standards that are written and approved by the UPnP Forum.

UIC currently certifies devices in these categories: Internet gateway devices, media servers and media renderers, printer device and print basic service, and HVAC.

For more information about certifying your product with the UIC, visit: http://www.upnp -ic.org.

About the UPnP Forum

The UPnP Forum is a group of companies and individuals across multiple industries that play a leading role in the authoring of specifications for UPnP devices and services. Formed in June 1999, the Forum is a non -profit association of over 600 consumer electronics, computing, home automation, home security, appliances, printing, photography, computer networking, mobile products and other leading companies working together to design schema and protocol standards for the UPnP initiative.

For more information about the UPnP Forum, visit: http://www.upnp.org.

About Arcadyan

Arcadyan is a new joint venture between Accton Technology Corporation of Taiwan and Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands. Recently established, the joint venture is designed to bring the best of wireless infrastructure expertise and combine it with advanced integration expertise to create a robust product portfolio of wireless solutions -all to "liberate content for people".

Rob Ranck
Executive Director, UPnP Implementers Corporation
925 -275 -6652


The UPnP™ word mark and the UPnP logo are certification marks owned and managed by the UPnP Implementers Corp. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

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