This product guide delivers 80 pages of mounting solutions for flat panel screens, projectors and more.

Peerless Industries, Inc.

1980 Hawthorne Avenue
Melrose Park, IL 60160

September 2003

Media Contact:
Nancy Marple
(708) 865 -2110 ext. 234



Peerless Industries, Inc. (Melrose Park, IL.) has introduced a new product guide with a host of new A/V mounting solutions.

This product guide delivers 80 pages of mounting solutions featuring mounts for flat panel screens, projectors, TVs, and audiovisual equipment. Peerless has expanded their Solid•Point™ and Vision•Point™ lines of flat panel mounts to support the latest technology. Also new are the Vector Pro™ Plus Projector Mount, Spider™ Universal Projector Mount and an expanded line of carts, stands, and speaker mounts.

A free product guide is available in hard copy or CD ROM by calling (800) 865 -2112, email at or downloaded as a PDF file at

Peerless Industries, Inc., founded in l941, is a leading manufacturer of video and audio mounting systems, including mounts for televisions, LCD screens, plasma screens, projectors, speakers, security cameras, computers, and more. Peerless Industries is ISO 9001 certified and is a UL -approved laboratory testing site. Peerless designs and manufactures mounts and accessories for both the commercial and consumer electronics market places. Peerless offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products. For additional information, contact Peerless Industries, Inc., 1980 Hawthorne Avenue, Melrose Park, IL 60160, tel: (800) 865 -2112 or (708) 865 -8870, fax: (708) 865 -2941, or visit Peerless' website at


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