Pace Electronics and Winegard Company Join Forces to Market New Products To 8,000 Head -End Installer

To Satisfy Multi-Dwelling-Unit Demand, Greatly Reduce Installation Problems, Provide Shorter On-site Installation Time and Increase Profits, Pace and Winegard Developed A New Stacked LNB and Line Distribution Box.

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To Satisfy Multi -Dwelling -Unit Demand, Greatly Reduce Installation Problems, Provide Shorter On -site Installation Time and Increase Profits, Pace and Winegard Developed A New Stacked LNB and Line Distribution Box, Which Includes A New Distribution Amplifier With Constant Output Levels

Burlington, Iowa, July 31, 2003. Pace Electronics, one of the largest commercial distributors for head -end gear in the U.S. and DIRECTV 's largest master system operator has joined forces with Winegard Company, the innovative leader in antenna design technology and manufacturing techniques for 49 years, to provide several new products to their customer base of over 8,000 installers across the nation. These are quality products, made in the US, which Vern Swedin, UR On Director of Business Development at Pace says is "totally appreciated by our customers."

He went on to say, "Over the last two years, some manufacturers have tried to cut out the middleman in our industry like us. The marketing process use to be a chain, starting with manufacturers, then to distributors, retailers and then customers. In the last two years manufacturer direct to customer relationships have been forged, cutting out not only Pace, but also retailers and operators. At the same time, spurred on by a new, heightened level of competitiveness which I attribute to the down economy" Mr. Swedin went on to say," other distributors went to China, Taiwan, Spain and Mexico to source product and began to sell directly to end users. That forced manufacturers to do the same thing. These imported products were of poor quality and since 9/11, have been difficult to ship."

Vern and Kent Whitney, Vice President at Pace reacted to the possibility of losing some of their operator base to these import strategies by focusing on their operator base relationships and servicing these accounts locally. Some manufacturers have been saying "who cares" said Kent, "sell distributors, operators or retailers these imported products, at the cheapest price possible and let the customer worry about the quality". Pace thought this was a huge mistake and wanted to stand their ground, support the operator base and provide quality products from the US. And they reasoned that the way to do this was with a manufacturing partner.

Winegard had just begun production of a new Stacked LNB aimed directly at the residential/commercial install markets. The SK -0203 Stacked LNB provides a 13VDC output from 950MHz to 1450MHz and an 18VDC output from 1550 MHz to 2050MHz transponders. This "stacked" output is combined on one coax cable for use with any wide -band receiver. Mr. Whitney said "The commercial and multi -dwelling (MDU) marketplace has a pent -up demand for this stacked technology. It's the only feasible choice we have to allow tenants in the apartment environment to use multiple receivers." The configuration accommodates one cable installations requiring less time and making it easier to install for multiple receivers without the necessity of multi -switches or the need for a Stacker/De -stacker configuration.

"Another side of Winegard's relationship with Pace is their valued input. Pace brings to Winegard their experience and knowledge in identifying the challenges involved with installations in MDUs" said Bob Howell, Director, Distribution Systems/Off -Air Antenna Business Group at Winegard. Throughout a 30 year relationship, Pace has worked hand -in -hand with Winegard to develop new products for the entire installation/distribution base. Mr. Howell continued, "This strategic alliance and input from Pace has resulted most recently in two new products, the Pace DA -2050 Satellite Distribution Amplifier and the new Pace LDB -16 L -Band Distribution Box. Both of these new products were manufactured to make MDU installations simple "plug -and -play" operations, greatly reducing installation problems and providing shorter on -site installation time and increased profits."

The DA -2050 Distribution Amplifier has been built with a -45dBm to -20dBm per channel input level with a constant output level of 0 dBm to -1dBm and a noise figure of 3.8dB. It is also equipped with a switched 18VD.C.output to power the Stacked LNB and can be cascaded up to five amplifiers for long runs.

The LDB -16 is equipped with both Satellite and Off -Air Antenna inputs, and includes the new DA -2050 Distribution Amplifier with 16 amplified stacked/off -air signal outputs for multiple runs. When installed together the SK -0203 Stacked LNB and the LDB -16 L -Band Distribution Box provide for a "user friendly", "plug -and -play" installation process with less install time and increased profitability. Mr. Whitney said "this box will create a plug and play atmosphere for a seamless installation, especially considering the automatic level control feature and performance will be enhanced."

With the addition of these two new products, Winegard had been weighing strategies for penetrating this MDU market segment. "We wanted to access the huge installer/dealer base, but wanted to move a number of units in a relatively short time," said Mr. Howell, "We had to make the decision on spending time, money and other resources on the launch of these new products, especially our new Stacked LNB or find a partner. The joint venture with Pace Electronics was the perfect solution".

From Winegard's perspective, Pace was well placed to move large numbers of the new Stacked LNBs through Installers nationwide along with electronic specialty stores. Pace's new Installers Source division is under contract to supply installation products to a network of over 8,000 installers. Pace developed their own web site where these installers can order products directly for quick shipping. The companies Pace sells to, their customers, are primarily MDU installers which Pace supports, trains and certifies for DIRECTV installations.

"Pace looks at this joint venture with Winegard as truly unique, a revelation as to how Pace can work in the future with partners." Mr. Swedin said and continued," Pace wants to be looked at as a partner in the marketplace; we really feel this way".

Mr. Whitney added, "The Stacked LNB is a proven product that went out of production and attempts to replace it with stand -alone devices were somewhat cumbersome. The Stacked LNB was and is a very critical source for the distribution of entire buildings or home theatre applications with multiple outlets. In a single family home environment, this Stacked LNB allows us to make every outlet in the home DIRECTV ready". He went on to say, "Reaction from the marketplace indicates that this new LNB, has been very well received", adding "the performance is outstanding and the product in demand. We're excited and so are our customers."

About Pace Electronics

Pace Electronics, headquartered in Rochester, MN has 50 employees and offers programming support for DIRECTV, including support for about 750 operators and service based companies that market and install DIRECTV satellite services in apartment complexes. Pace presently has 4 locations in Rochester MN, Minneapolis, MN, Buffalo NY and Pensacola, FL with a new location opening in Reno, NV on July 1st. These 5 locations will cover the entire US and allow 2 day shipping anywhere in the country

About Winegard

Since 1954, Winegard has been an innovative leader in antenna design technology and manufacturing techniques, backed by outstanding service after the sale. The company covers every phase of design, testing, manufacturing, customized packaging, and processing of antennas. Winegard's products are built in the U.S. in their 250,000 square foot facility and still do almost everything in -house - Roll steel - Injection molding - Small and large press forms - E - coat and Powder coat. Equally important, the company builds electronic components and circuits, using their surface mount fully automated (pick and place) technology virtually eliminating the expense and poor quality associated with "hand placed electronic components".

Winegard remains committed to continuous improvement in the quality, cost and delivery of its products and services to effectively meet all of its' customer's needs and currently designs and manufactures more than 1,000 different products in four product lines distributed in all states and worldwide, including:
• Satellite Antennas and Mounts
• Mobile Off -Air and Satellite TV Systems, Automatic Satellite Tracking Systems with GPS, Antennas and Mounts
• Off -Air Antennas from DC to 5.8 gigs AM/FM/VHF/UHF Antenna Systems, Distribution and Pre -Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories
• Telemetry - Medical and Data Antenna Systems, Distribution Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories

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