Networked Audio marks a fundamental change in the way audio is distributed in a multi-room system. DigiLinX is comprised of IP-based audio products networked to distribute audio and control signals using TCP/IP.

Indianapolis, IN -September 4th, 2003 - NetStreams is announcing a new line of Networked Audio products,

DigiLinX ™ at the CEDIA Expo. Show attendees can
experience this ground -breaking new technology at booth #532

Networked Audio marks a fundamental change in the way audio is distributed in a multi -room system. DigiLinX, scheduled for release in Q4 - 2003, is comprised of
IP -based audio products networked to distribute audio and control signals over an Ethernet network, using TCP/IP to multiple rooms.

Conformance to internationally accepted standard protocols assures easy and elegant interfacing with a wide variety of systems and products, and control via any web browser equipped device (in addition to the provided keypads). Examples of interfaces that NetStreams believes will become popular with its customers are PDAs, web tablets, and PCs.

Networked Audio offers completely scalable systems with virtually unlimited sources and zones, more choices of user interfaces through open communication (TCP/IP), easy integration with other home systems, even remote programming, troubleshooting and upgrades.

The first DigiLinX products are comprised of several components:

• AudioLinX ™ - an IP -based set -top/rack -mount audio distribution/control center and sophisticated non -blocking Ethernet switch. An optional networked XM ® Satellite Radio Module is designed to fit into the Digital Expansion slot in an AudioLinX.

• KeyLinX ™ - an IP -based keypad with enhanced LCD user interface with an integrated web server designed to interoperate with other DigiLinX products.

• SpeakerLinX ™ - IP -based digital amplifiers offering programmability, control and reporting over a network. Larger models can be placed in a rack, or in a room near the speakers. Smaller models are designed to mount on or in speakers.

• SwitchLinX ™ - is an IGMP (Internet Group Message Protocol) enabled, multicasting, non -blocking Ethernet switch designed specifically for handling the high demands of networked audio/video distribution products. An AudioLinX server, which contains one SwitchLinX module, has inputs for native networked sources. Additional SwitchLinX modules can be employed to expand the network audio inputs.

• MediaLinX ™ - an IP product that extends the number of legacy (analog) sources in a DigiLinX system. Each MediaLinX offers the capability of adding up to four (4) legacy sources with discrete IR output and power sensor for each source.

DigiLinX offers a scalable system enabling virtually unlimited rooms and virtually unlimited sources. Using standard TCP/IP, DigilinX has the most advanced integration capabilities available in distributed audio. Seamless communication with other home systems such as lighting control systems, home automation systems, security systems and more, is easily achieved.

DigiLinX's open architecture allows those systems to feed information for display and control, in real -time, eliminating the need for multiple keypads on one wall. In addition to selecting sources from the KeyLinX keypads, owners can finally browse their digital music content or XM Satellite Radio meta data via the keypad's color LCD or any web enabled device. Listeners can select their ID -tagged music by genre, album, artist or song title.

For any additional information or materials on NetStreams' products, please contact Jimmie
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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NetStreams provides sophisticated networked audio leading the marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state -of -the -art human engineering to create home entertainment products that are truly user -friendly and future -compatible.
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