NetStreams Cooperates with Polk Audio to introduce IP Networked loudspeakers

NetStreams, manufacturer of the DigiLinX™ IP networked audio system announced a cooperative marketing program with premiere loudspeaker manufacturer Polk Audio. NetStreams technology will power Polk' s Networked speakers.

Polk Audio and NetStreams will be showcasing Polk loudspeakers powered by NetStreams SpeakerLinX modules at the 2003 CEDIA Expo in booths 422 & 532

NetStreams' DigiLinX system provides uncompressed, full -bandwidth networked audio distribution for higher audio fidelity than that offered by other whole -house audio distribution systems. Polk Audio is a leader in high performance loudspeaker systems, including the newly announced LCi Series of audiophile -grade performance in -wall and in -ceiling loudspeakers and Performance Enclosures.

"We love the DigiLinX system and see it as a significant step forward in distributed audio performance and consumer convenience" said Polk Product Line Manager Al Baron. "The added ultra -performance of our LCi Series speakers would be wasted connected to limited
bandwidth distributed audio systems. Conversely, the fidelity benefits of NetStreams' products cannot be appreciated when connected to mediocre performing in wall speakers."

"We are delighted with the quality we heard with a variety of Polk loudspeakers we mated with our SpeakerLinX™ module" commented NetStreams VP of Sales & Marketing Buzz Goddard. "The smooth, accurate performance of the speakers really helps showcase the clarity and power of our IP controllable amplifiers".

Specific actions the two companies will take include the demonstration of each other's products at CEDIA and other trade and consumer shows, mutual web links, the bundling (by AVAD distributors) of Polk speakers with NetStreams' SpeakerLinX IP -based digital amplifiers, as well as future product design collaboration.

DigiLinX, scheduled for release in late 2003, is comprised of IP -based audio products networked to
distribute audio and control signals over an Ethernet or wireless network, using TCP/IP.

Using internationally accepted standard protocols allows easy and instant interface with a wide variety of systems and products, and control via any web browser equipped device (in addition to the provided keypads). Examples of interfaces that NetStreams believes will become popular with its customers are PDAs, web tablets, and PCs as well as existing non -web based control systems already on the market.

Polk Audio's four LCi Series model feature technologies such as advanced ring radiator tweeters and
Aerated Polypropylene cones. These are the same technologies used in Polk's critically acclaimed
LSi Series loudspeakers to deliver the performance of stand -alone models. The rectangular models
feature Polk's patented Power Port technology and available Performance Enclosures for consistent,
high performance bass response.

Polk Audio will demonstrate the DigiLinX system with their new LCi265 high performance in -wall loudspeakers in booth #422 of the CEDIA Expo. The full DigiLinX story is being told in NetStreams' booth #532.

Polk Audio is an international manufacturer of home and car loudspeakers, with headquarters in
Baltimore Maryland. Polk Audio are The Speaker Specialists®, designers and manufacturers of
loudspeakers for home, car and office. Founded by Matthew Polk and George Klopfer in 1972, Polk
Audio holds over 45 patents for advances in loudspeaker design and technology. Polk products are
distributed the US and Canada and in over 50 countries. Consumers can reach Polk Audio by phone
(800) 377 -7655 or by email

NetStreams, headquartered in Austin, Texas, provides sophisticated networked audio leading the
marketplace in technological innovation. NetStreams employs advanced digital technologies to
ensure superior performance. NetStreams is committed to utilizing state -of -the -art human
engineering to create home entertainment products that are user -friendly and future -compatible.
NetStreams is creating the future of home entertainment - today.

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