- Unique NXT Flat-Panel Speaker Technology Provides Exceptionally Wide, Even Sonic Distribution in Any Size Listening Environment -

Huntingdon, September 5, 2003 -At CEDIA 2003, Mission, a world leader in loudspeaker manufacturing and audio innovation, is showcasing a breakthrough in acoustical engineering and sound reproduction -the Mission fs2 -Pro loudspeaker. Utilizing patented NXT® SurfaceSound® flat -panel speaker technology, the new Mission fs2 -Pro 2.1 -channel Business Music System produces exceptionally wide and even distribution of sound within any size or type of enclosed area, allowing the satellites to be placed anywhere within a room and still produce high -fidelity music and intelligible speech for all listeners. In addition, a specially designed versatile mounting cradle allows for corner and surface installation with horizontal and vertical positioning options. Mission's new fs2 -Pro loudspeakers will be demonstrated at the company's CEDIA Booth 30 at the Indianapolis Convention Center, September 5 - 7, 2003.

Increased Intelligibility of Public Address Systems and More

Their unique acoustic properties, combined with their compact size, make fs2 -Pro speakers the ideal solution for offices, bars, restaurants, shops, shopping malls and public areas where discreet, elegantly styled audio/video systems are required. The intelligibility of public address, voice alarm and voice evacuation systems in areas of little acoustic absorption is also improved dramatically by the use of fs2 -Pro and the unique properties of the NXT technology that it employs.

Noted Graham Hallett of Mission USA: "The fs2 -Pro is more than just a new loudspeaker design, it's a revolutionary approach to acoustical engineering and sonic reproduction. Whereas conventional loudspeakers concentrate sound in a narrow beam, making both speaker and listening positions critical, the fs2 -Pro system is designed to integrate its acoustic output with room boundaries in a more natural manner. This means that whether mounted in a corner, wall or free -space location, the balance of sound is even across the frequency bandwidth."

Unique Sound Dispersion Characteristics

Thanks to the unique acoustic properties of the fs2 -Pro NXT panels, listeners close to the speakers are not troubled by high sound levels, while even those at a distance from the speakers can still hear the speakers clearly. The dispersion characteristics from each satellite cover a 180o arc across all frequencies, so there is no change in clarity regardless of the listening angle. The resulting soundscape is ideal for offices, restaurants and other professional areas; for example, with fs2 -Pro, background music remains in the background, and does not intrude on conversation, while still providing high quality entertainment.

Fewer Speakers, Bigger Sound

The fs2 -Pro loudspeaker offers a number of distinct advantages over conventional systems. For example, thanks to the even distribution of sound over distance, the number of speakers required per area can be reduced to at least half or, in many situations, a third of the quantity of conventional speakers that would be used. In addition, the low fall -off rate of sound pressure with distance gives high subjective sensitivity which, coupled with an almost purely resistive easy amplifier load, allows the use of modest amplification.

The enclosure for the fs2 -Pro is injection -molded, utilizing high -impact polymers for strength and rigidity. A powder -coated steel mesh grill and metallic silver finish give the speakers a stylish, high -tech look that complements any room or studio setting.

The fs2 -Pro offers high 88 dB efficiency and frequency extension from 350Hz to 20kHz, for unsurpassed full -range clarity, resolution and dynamic power at real -life levels up to a prodigious 102dBA peak output.

About Mission

Founded in 1977, Mission has established an enviable reputation for designing and manufacturing quality loudspeakers. In 1978 Mission launched the revolutionary 770 loudspeaker, the first audiophile loudspeaker to use a polypropylene drive unit and, since then, has constantly introduced new technology and the radical manufacturing techniques that have played a key part in Mission's success. Constantly breaking through technological barriers has involved making huge investments in human and engineering resources. Mission's headquarters in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, feature the latest in production and computing technology to help maintain its position at the forefront of the home entertainment industry.


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