Lantronix Sponsors IP Pavilion at CEDIA Expo 2003

IP-Pavilion Showcases Growing Number of Network-enabled Products to Meet Consumer Demands for Today's Digital Lifestyle

Indianapolis, IN (September 3, 2003) - Lantronix®, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX) is proud to announce that the company is sponsoring the "IP -Pavilion" (booth #906) at this week's CEDIA Expo 2003 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Lantronix will demonstrate its award -winning Premise™ Home Control Software Version 2.0, a comprehensive software solution for integrating and controlling a wide variety of consumer devices and systems, in the pavilion alongside eight of the industry's leading home -networking products and manufacturers.

"As the home -networking market grows, more and more device manufacturers are launching innovative products that are connected and controlled over TCP/IP Ethernet networks, and Lantronix is at the forefront of enabling that connectivity and management through its products and technologies," said Dan Quigley, executive vice president and general manager of Lantronix' Applications Division. "The IP -Pavilion showcases products that are enabling installer/integrators and consumers to more effectively and inexpensively leverage home networks to control the major subsystems in the home, including consumer electronics devices, appliances, security systems and cameras, and much more."

The IP -Pavilion showcases the latest in home -networking innovations. For example, Visteon Corporation's network -enabled concept car demonstrates the benefits of integrating an automobile's onboard systems with the Internet and a home network. The car's Premise software -driven dashboard control panel activates thermostats, networked security cameras, lighting and consumer audio/video gear on display in front of the vehicle. Also, the car uses a fingerprint reader to identify and download the appropriate user preferences, personal schedules and digital media based on personal profiles stored in the system.

Lantronix will offer one -on -one demonstrations of its Premise Home Control Software in the IP -Pavillion. These demonstrations will address the professional installer/integrators' needs for an easy -to -configure, software automation platform that is based on mainstream PC standards, providing low -cost yet flexible and sophisticated solutions for their customers. Also, pavilion participants Cinemar, Inplicity and Nearmedia will display the expanding range of user interface (UI) options with their Premise -based UI products.

In addition to the Lantronix and Visteon demonstrations, other partners displaying IP based products in the IP -Pavilion will include Barix AG, Global Caché, NOBU, and Smarthome.

Barix AG, a developer of networked, application -specific peripherals, will demonstrate their unique, IP network -based IR and audio distribution system (Exstreamer and Instreamer), the network intercom/paging system, Annuncicom IC, and a universal, intelligent, programmable network I/O device for home, commercial, and industrial use called Barionet.

Global Caché, a developer of state -of -the -art products that enable technology in homes, will demonstrate its GC -100 Home Network Adapter, which provides the means for PC -based home automation and management software to access, control and deliver services in a networked home to diverse and previously unconnected devices and appliances. They will also be demonstrating their latest product, the GC -IRE infrared learning device.

NOBU, a manufacturer of high -quality LCD/Touchscreen all -in -one PC products for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, and will debut several products including its 12.4 -inch in -wall touchscreen PC, new 15 -inch touch -screen design, and feature -packed Home Theater server, all available preloaded with Premise software.

Smarthome, a distributor of affordable home automation and remote control products, will demonstrate its BoosterLinc Plug -in PLC signal booster and SmarthomeLive, a monitoring application that enables users to access their home via the Internet.

CEDIA is a global trade association of companies that specialize in designing and installing electronic systems for the home. The association was founded in September 1989 and has approximately 2,200 member companies worldwide. CEDIA members are established and insured businesses with bona fide qualifications and experience in this specialized field. CEDIA is a not -for -profit organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information on CEDIA, visit the association's web site at or call 800 -669 -5329.

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Lantronix, Inc. (NASDAQ: LTRX) is a provider of hardware and software solutions ranging from systems that allow users to remotely manage network infrastructure equipment to technologies that network -enable devices and appliances. Lantronix was established in 1989, and its worldwide headquarters are in Irvine, Calif. For more information, visit the company on the Internet at

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