On a rugged vibration-free chassis, the Showcase DVD player integrates the latest advances in video technology, like an optional HDMI module, with the superb audio performance that is synonymous with Krell.

Krell Industries, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Showcase DVD player, a high performance DVD player that builds on the design of the highly acclaimed DVD Standard. On a rugged vibration -free chassis, the Showcase DVD player integrates the latest advances in video technology, like an optional HDMI module, with the superb audio performance that is synonymous with Krell. According to Krell Industries CEO and chief designer Dan D'Agostino, "I believe that HDMI represents the cutting edge of video technology. It is important that each new Krell design takes advantage of these new technologies while remaining faithful to our roots of superb sonic reproduction and impeccable build quality."

While the Showcase DVD player is the most affordable Krell DVD player, it does not compromise on either performance or construction. The video section of the Showcase DVD player incorporates a Krell proprietary Digital Video Filter that expands the bandwidth by 25% to produce brighter colors and deeper black levels. Individuals may opt for the optional HDMI feature that allows selectable scalable video with outputs of 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions, and provides multi -channel digital audio and system control. Faroudja technology is employed to correct stair -stepping, cut -off, and other video processing artifacts.

With more than two decade's experience in building some of the world's finest audio components, a new Krell CD player must also deliver superb audio performance. The Showcase DVD player does not disappoint. It incorporates Krell's renowned balanced Current Mode™ output stage whose extremely wide bandwidth design delivers outstanding bass weight, midrange articulation, and high frequency extension. Balanced and single -ended audio outputs make for easy integration into any system.

The Architech™ construction used in the chassis design is a model of the power of simplicity. Four massive 6 oz. corner blocks anchor super -stiff aluminum struts to a heavy steel base plate, creating a mechanically inert platform for the optical drive and electronics. A regulated power supply is bolted to the chassis to deliver ample current to all audio and video circuits for near
 jitter -free audio breathtaking video performance. Total system control is provided for by the included hand -held remote control, front and back infra -red receivers, and a RS -232 port.

High End Audio Theater, Krell HEAT™, achieves a new level of performance and affordability with the addition of the Showcase DVD player. Together with the Showcase Processor and the Showcase amplifiers, Krell HEAT™ brings high performance audio and video to the next generation of home entertainment enthusiasts.

About Krell
Krell Industries, Inc., is America's premier manufacturer of high -end audio equipment featuring award -winning amplifiers, preamplifiers, compact disc players, surround sound processors, DVD players and loudspeaker systems. All components are designed by CEO Dan D'Agostino. The Krell mission continues to be the introduction of high -end audio components and integrated system solutions known for innovative engineering, perfection in build quality, exceptional value, exemplary service support, and outstanding audio reproduction -the authentic sound of music from Krell.

Pricing and Availability
US Retail Price of the Showcase DVD player is $3,500.00 and is available in either Silver or Black finishes. Deliveries to United States and worldwide markets begin in October 2003.

For more information on Krell or any Krell product, contact Irv Gross at Krell Industries, Inc., 45 Connair Road, Orange, CT 06477 -3650, (203) 799 -9954 ext. 301,

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