Intelligent Digital Amplifiers by D2Audio Power New Consumer Trends

Created by the Austin-based, D2Audio Corporation, small, 1000 watt, 4" x 6" digital amplifiers are the drivers behind the new consumer trends of "compaction" and "intelligent audio equipment."

AUSTIN (Texas) - September 9, 2003 - - - Created by the Austin -based, D2Audio Corporation, small, 1000 watt, 4" x 6" digital amplifiers are the drivers behind the new consumer trends of "compaction" and "intelligent audio equipment."

Spawned by the growing adoption of plasma and LCD TVs, consumers are actively embracing the lifestyle trend taking place under the TV set and in stereo stacks, called "compaction." In this trend, consumer's stack of big, bulky, black boxes will be reduced to a small, slim, silver, multi -function receiver, designed to compliment the sleekness of plasma and LCD TV's. The new Harman Kardon D2Audio -based digital receiver is a perfect illustration of this trend.
In high end homes, compaction is also occurring in distributed audio systems, morphing the systems to ½ the size, ¼ the weight and double the power of last year's systems. These highly compact distributed audio systems by Sonance and SpeakerCraft are now shipping and like Harman can be identified by the D2Audio logo on the faceplates.
Along with the sleek new appearance of streamlined media centers, consumers also gain high quality sound, equivalent to legacy analog solutions and futuristic features with D2Audio's intelligent amps. As the world's only intelligent amplifiers, D2Audio digital amps are capable of recognizing complex speaker systems to which they are attached and optimizing the sound accordingly. Intelligence also gives the amplifiers other futuristic features, including the ability to automatically optimize the entertainment experience, taking into consideration the room's vaulted ceilings, large expanses of glass or even the location of the audience in the room.
A DSP chip, especially designed for the module by D2Audio gives the amplifiers' intelligence. The DSP chip also performs sound optimization and correction on the audio signals the module produces, giving the digital amplifier a sound that impresses even hardened audiophiles. Created under D2Audio's 18 patents, these intelligent functions are unique to the D2Audio chip and modules.
"With high quality sound and unique intelligent features, D2Audio is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the approximately $2 billion amplifier market," said Will Strauss, principal analyst of Forward Concepts Research. "With home theater's 7 channel analog amplifiers (49% efficient), reaching the limit of power they can pull from a wall socket, the market will be forced to move to digital amplifiers (90% efficient) as the quest for more power in home theater progresses. With D2Audio's powerful module advantage, they are poised to ride the wave of digital conversion."
D2Audio's complete digital amplifier modules eliminate the need for bulky heat sinks, giving audio manufacturers dramatic size and weight reductions in their products. Instead of a chip level solution, which presents a number of engineering challenges to manufacturers, D2Audio's amplifier modules are fully functional and self -contained, which eliminate the artful know -how required to make the capricious components of digital amps work. D2Audio digital amplifier modules can be directly placed into receivers, amplifiers and speakers, eliminating the cost of extensive engineering teams and greatly speeding time to market.
There are two D2Audio digital amplifier modules for consumer applications currently shipping to manufacturers of audio equipment, the GR120 designed for audio receivers and the GM100 for multi -room distributed audio. Manufacturers can preview D2Audio's amplifier modules for consumer, professional and commercial applications at the Audio Engineering Show (AES) booth #1066, on Level 3 October 10th, 11th, and 12th at the Javits Convention Center in New York, NY.
D2Audio is currently shipping intelligent digital amplifier modules to audio manufacturers in the consumer and commercial segments. These end products will begin appearing on shelves this month. D2Audio will also be offering modules for the professional and commercial audio markets in 2004, followed by digital amplifier modules for the automotive market.
The D2Audio Corporation is the solitary supplier of intelligent digital amplifier modules to the manufacturers of audio equipment in the consumer, commercial, professional and automotive industries. Through its unique intelligence, D2Audio has extremely high sound quality, equivalent to analog. In addition, the digital amplifier's intelligence can offer futuristic features, such as automatic room equalization and optimization. D2Audio digital amplifiers are unique in the industry in that they are comprehensive modules, which contain the entire amplifier in 4"x 6" (1000 watts, 7 -8 channels) or 3" x 3" (500 watts, 4 channels) package.Furthermore, D2Audio's module advantage gives manufacturers the capability to reduce development complexity as they decrease time -to -market and system cost. D2Audio Corporation, based in Austin, Texas, has a solid intellectual property base protecting it unique technology. For more information, visit

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