Integra Debuts Flexible DTR -7.4 A/V Receiver to Custom Installation Professionals at CEDIA

Integra reaffirms its commitment to custom installation and distributed audio professionals with the introduction of the powerful new DTR-7.4 THX Select home theater and Net-Tune distributed audio receiver.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (9 -05 -03) -Integra reaffirmed its commitment to custom installation and distributed audio professionals at the CEDIA Expo here, today, with the introduction of the powerful new DTR -7.4 THX Select home theater and distributed audio receiver. The DTR -7.4 is a 7 x 100 -Watt A/V receiver that not only handles every major home theater sound format currently in use, it also incorporates the company's Net -Tune™ distributed audio technology which seamlessly unites the worlds of high -end audio and home computing. Other features include upconversion of composite and S -Video to component video, Integra's Powered Zone 2 capability, and a new remote control capable of both IR (Infrared) and RF (Radio Frequency) transmission.

The DTR -7.4 is an exceptional home theater receiver, with onboard processing for THX Surround EX 7.1, Dolby Digital EX and Dolby ProLogic II, DTS -ES, DTS Neo:6, and DTS 96/24, which provides 5.1 -channel 96 kHz audio from conventional DVD players. High quality 192 kHz/24 -bit D/A converters are used in conjunction with Integra's exclusive Vector Linear Shaping Circuit (VLSC) for digital processing on all channels except the surround back channels. For analog sources, Integra's Pure Audio function allows all digital processing to be completely bypassed to preserve the purity of analog audio signals.

The DTR -7.4 includes a rear -panel Ethernet connection and native TCP/IP support for use with the Integra's exclusive Net -Tune distributed audio system, and to update the receiver's firmware using a home PC to incorporate future upgrades. With Net -Tune, the receiver can interface with wired or wireless home Ethernet networks to play Internet Radio streams via a broadband Internet connection, or to access MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) files stored on a home PC or a dedicated audio server such as the company's NAS -2.3. The receiver's on -screen display shows song title, artist, album, genre, and playlist information, providing instant access to consumers' entire music collection without the clutter of CDs and their cases. This system also allows for up to 11 other Net -Tune clients to connect to the same network, all delivering simultaneous and independent access to digital music.

Like all Integra products, the DTR -7.4 was designed with the demanding needs of custom installers in mind. It includes a rear panel RS -232 port, three 12 -volt trigger outputs, and IR in and out jacks for seamless integration with nearly any home theater and whole -home control systems. There is also a wide array of multizone features, including two -source multizone capability using Zone 2 line -out jacks with external amplification, or Powered Zone 2 which uses the surround back channel amplifiers to drive the second zone stereo speakers while still maintaining a full 5.1 main system. New transparent heavy -duty dual banana plug posts are used to ensure a clean connection to all speaker channels.

The DTR -7.4 also includes an elegant new aluminum -face universal/learning remote control with an LCD display screen, scroll wheel for easy menu navigation, and the ability to control every component in a full home theater system. The remote is capable of RF transmission, and when combined with the company's optionally available RF -receiver/IR distribution block, can control an entire A/V system at a much greater range, and even through walls and cabinetry.

As the centerpiece of a powerful home theater system, the DTR -7.4 features a broad suite of connectivity options and features. HDTV -capable 60 MHz component video switching, and a three -line digital comb filter for composite to S -Video conversion are included to maintain optimum video signal integrity, while upconversion of all video inputs to component video simplifies connection to video displays. There are a total of seven digital inputs, including one on the front panel, and two digital outputs are included, as well as full 7.1 -channel pre -outs for use with additional external amplification.

There is also a wide array of multizone features, such as Integra's Powered Zone 2 that provides the ability to drive a set of stereo speakers in another room using the surround back channel amplifiers, or using an external power amplifier. An On -Screen display provides control of all settings as well as access to network digital media playlists. The

The Integra DTR -7.4 will be available in November at a suggested retail price of $1,400.

Integra designs and manufactures premium Home Theater receivers, processors, amplifiers, and DVD players that are specifically designed to meet the needs of custom audio/video systems installers. Systems integration and convergence technology protocols include RS -232, A -BUS, IR and on -board Ethernet for network connectivity and TCP/IP control. Integra has access to vast technical resources, and bears a proud heritage of over 50 years of audio engineering excellence. For more information about Integra and its many fine products, visit or call 800 225 -1946.

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