FREE Theater Seating Design & Configuration Software by Acoustic Innovations

KISS for Seating V1.0 (Keep It Simple Solutions for Seating) is free software for dealers to design, price & draw seating configurations without AutoCAD or Visio. The software runs on a laptop yet information is updated periodically via the Internet

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Acoustic Innovations Releases
"KISS for Seating" V1.0 Software

FREE seating design & layout software doesn't require AutoCAD or Visio

Media Contact: Bill Johnson

Company Contact: Rick Schuett

800 -983 -6233

Acoustic Innovations, Inc., the company that pioneered the residential dedicated theater solutions industry and first brought modular designed dedicated theater seating to the Custom Installation industry is once again the first by introducing a unique software program designed to simplify the design, layout, pricing, and ordering of theater seating projects.
Dubbed KISS (Keep It Simple Solutions) for Seating, the software will first be demonstrated at the CEDIA Expo in Indianapolis, September 5 -7, 2003. Free licenses for the software will be distributed at Booth #104 for all qualified current and prospective Acoustic Innovations accounts that attend a quick 12 -minute open presentation on the show floor.

"This software represents yet another major investment that Acoustic Innovations is making for our dealer accounts to assist them in minimizing their costs and thus maximizing their profits with Acoustic Innovations", said Rick Schuett, Executive Vice President. "KISS for Seating is unique for several reasons. First of all, it is FREE to our current and future dealer accounts. Secondly, it can run on a desktop or laptop without an Internet connection, but has the advantage of being able to be updated with new products, pricing, and features via the Internet. Third, it includes a self -contained drawing application that is incredibly easy to use, eliminating the need to invest in additional programs such as Visio or AutoCAD. Finally, it can be synched with the secure "dealer account only" section of Acoustic Innovation's website, allowing projects to be posted and selectively viewed by clients, designers, builders, etc. that the dealer allows temporary and limited access to, thus streamlining the approval and submittal process."

Acoustic Innovations' VP of Sales & Marketing, Bill Johnson commented as follows: "In my years of experience selling and marketing theater seating, one of the greatest challenges I faced was being able to quickly and accurately generate both drawings and pricing proposals for my dealer accounts. If they didn't own a drawing program such as Visio or AutoCAD the task was made even more difficult as drawings had to be saved as PDF's and couldn't be easily modified once they were sent to the dealer. Our new software eliminates all these challenges by quickly and accurately designing and rendering in a plan view a customized seating layout while simultaneously pricing the project. Projects can be easily saved and later edited as the project requirements change. When a client is ready to move forward, all that is required is to open up the project, insert a PO number for tracking purposes, mark the drawing "Approved", and then send the BOM electronically to Acoustic Innovations along with the attached drawing. It couldn't be easier!"

Jay Miller, the founder and company President, couldn't agree more. "In addition to new product development in the theater solutions and theater seating arena, we will continue to make major investments in information technologies and software development to order to distance ourselves from every other company in our industry. For example, we invested over $100K in an advanced accounting system that allows our dealer accounts to set up "affiliates" or subsidiaries that create additional re -occurring revenue for our displaying dealer accounts. Our dealers can set up these affiliates to use their showrooms and in return receive substantial commissions from us in the process. Our new secure dealer password -protected section of our website now allows accounts that invested in an AI theater to register clients that the account has already met with, thus protecting the dealer's time investment. KISSS for Seating is a logical extension of our company's vision to empower our dealer accounts with the IT tools they need to be successful while protecting their time and financial investments at the same time."

The software is installed via a CD ROM supplied by Acoustic Innovations, with a specific "key" or license for each user. The user first runs the setup program that includes importing the dealer's logo for inclusion on all drawings, thus solidifying the perception that the "dealer is THE brand" of the seating. Once installed, a project is started by first filling out "Client Info" and then drawing the room using one of three different drawing approaches. After the room is drawn, a chair style is selected from a visual menu and individual chair elements or complete seating templates created from previous projects are dragged and dropped onto the drawing grid. Individual elements "snap" to each other and if an object such as a console is dropped between two joined chairs, the console will automatically insert itself in the correct position. Wedge arm configurations can be to allow for off -angle viewing for offset screen locations. Individual options such as single -motor motorization, heat & massage, transducers, etc. can be added by a quick right click and dropped on each chair with a corresponding visual symbol. Seating material choices from leathers, suedes, velvets, etc. and color choices are made next with the pricing shown at suggested retail (or whatever level chosen by the licensee) in case the client is watching while the design is unfolding. Finally, the project can be stored for later retrieval or a client price and presentation can be instantly generated for an immediate signoff and approval.

Schuett closes with this: "Our tagline has become "Change Your Business Forever". This software is yet another step toward helping our industry partners achieve this goal. And best of all, there's more to come in future planned revisions. And like V1.0, they too will be FREE!"

About Acoustic Innovations, Inc.

In their eleventh year, Acoustic Innovations, Inc. has grown from being the "pioneer" to becoming the leader and largest company in North America to design, manufacturer and install acoustically and aesthetically superior residential theaters solutions. The company is currently the only firm in the United States that owns their own facility dedicated 100% to the manufacturing of home theater seating sold exclusively through a network of custom installers and home theater retail locations. Explore the company's web site at for more details. Digital photography of all Acoustic Innovations' products or key personnel are available by contacting Rhonda Meeks at Acoustic Innovations 800 -983 -6233, or direct email to her at

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