Eyris IDP™

The Eyris iDP™ home theater system offers extremely accurate room equalization for custom-matching an individual system to any particular listening environment.



UK loudspeaker manufacturer, Tannoy, has just completed an upgrade of its core technologies and has incorporated these advances in a complete home theater system offering an industry first: total room control.

Tannoy fully re -engineered its Dual Concentric™ drive unit and improved its ultra high performance SuperTweeter™, the key component in its industry -leading WideBand™ technology.

In early 2002, Tannoy merged with TC Electronic, digital signal processing experts, and the TC Group of companies. Joining their core strengths has resulted in the development of Tannoy iDP™ (Interactive Digital Programming) Technology and its first application in the Eyris loudspeaker range.

The Eyris iDP™ home theater system offers extremely accurate room equalization for custom -matching an individual system to any particular listening environment. iDP™ technology provides the Eyris loudspeakers with their natural voicing platform. It facilitates factory calibration of the bandwidth response of the individual speakers to within extremely tight tolerances, exceeding even the exacting standards of professional monitoring in the recording and film industries.

Key iDP technology features for total system control are:

_ On -board digital processing and networking capability
_ Advanced technology software package for professional system installation
_ Comprehensive user control of key functions and retrieval of installer pre -set parameters
_ Compatibility with market -leading automated control systems

Installers can use the supplied software package to build on the factory -defined voicing platform by optimizing the system to the acoustics of the installation environment. Tannoy iDP digital processing allows exact acoustic profiling of each speaker in the system, optimizing its performance relative to its location -whether in free space, close to a wall, corner -placed, or in -wall. A system controller can then be configured with a range of identified pre -sets, personalized for the end user.
Initially, Eyris is being offered as a complete home theater package for professional installation. In its basic 5.1 configuration, the system consists of: four active Eyris iDP™ DC3 floor standing loudspeakers and a DCC centre channel. The system, however, can be configured in any combination and number of DC3s and DCCs. A 500 Watt subwoofer with two side firing, 12" aluminium -coned drive units, and onboard iDP™ engine, is included as part of the system.

The Eyris loudspeakers themselves offer:

_ updated Dual Concentric™ and WideBand™ technologies
_ On -board bi -amplification with 500 Watts RMS to LF and 250 to HF
_ Elegant, high rigidity cabinet design in a choice of three real wood finishes; sycamore, American walnut or black ash.

The system price is still to be finalized. But a typical 5.1 configuration is expected to be in the range of $25,000 US complete.

The highly versatile Tannoy Eyris iDP™ offers a complete solution for high -end home theater systems in that it can be precisely adjusted to your listening environment and personal audio preferences.

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