Evolution Robotics(tm) Reduces Price of ER1(tm) Robot to as low as $249 to Kick -off Holiday Season

With its professional grade robotics software and highly customizable hardware, ER1 is the ideal gift for the inventive young adult or technology enthusiast on your gift list.

The award -winning Evolution Robotics ER1 Robot is now available for as little as $249 - a 50% reduction. With its professional grade robotics software and highly customizable hardware, ER1 is the ideal gift for the inventive young adult or technology enthusiast on your gift list. The world's first autonomous mobile robot has been featured in CNN, MSNBC, PC Magazine, Time, Geek.com, Linux.com and other high profile media venues.

The ER1 is the first robot with professional -level robotics software and industrial grade hardware designed specifically for enthusiasts, educators and researchers. The ER1 has computer vision, hearing, speech, networking, remote control, email, autonomous mobility, gripping, and IR sensing capabilities - all brought together with an open software system and a reconfigurable chassis. Robot enthusiasts and online Evolution Robotics communities agree that ER1 provides a powerful yet accessible hands -on experience in computer programming, basic engineering and an introduction to the world of robotics.

Additionally, the company announces the release of a non -commercial license version of its Evolution Robotics Software Platform 2.0 (called ERSP(tm) -NC 2.0) specifically for use in classrooms. This offer will be available exclusively to educational institutions. Please send email to education@evolution.com for pricing details.

ERSP 2.0 is a robot development platform comprised of four areas of functionality: vision, obstacle avoidance, interaction, and architecture. ERSP 2.0 includes library APIs, developer tools, and applications to aid in the robot and software development process. Available on Windows and Linux, education institutions can use ERSP -NC 2.0 in classroom settings to facilitate research, education and encourage a deeper exploration of robotics and associated application development. ERSP is being used by a number of well known consumer electronics companies, including Sony, to develop new robot applications, and entirely new robots.


Evolution Robotics(tm) provides state -of -the -art robotics software technologies, embedded systems and professional services that assist manufacturers in bringing robotics enabled products to market. The company works with many of the leading robotics companies and appliance manufacturers in the world, including Bandai and Sony, to accelerate the robotics industry and power the creation of a variety of highly functional robot products that will become indispensable at home and at work. Based on its Evolution Robotics Software Platform (ERSP(tm)), the company's technology includes robotics software architecture, application development tools, plus core robotic functionality modules in the areas of computer vision, autonomous navigation and human -robot interaction. These revolutionary technologies were designed for various industries to address product development needs, whether for high -volume, low -cost robotics embedded appliances, or custom OEM solutions. Evolution Robotics is an operating company of Idealab, a creator and operator of technology businesses. For more information, please visit the Web site at http://www.evolution.com.

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