Award-winning multi-purpose product is a digital video processor, touchpanel interface and 2-Series control system in one box

As part of its Total Home Technology Package, Crestron is showcasing the versatile, multi -purpose C2N -DVP4DI at CEDIA 2003.

Now available and shipping, the DVP4DI combines a unique set of features to deliver a complete home automation solution. In a single processor, the Crestron DVP4 -DI is a digital video processor, touchpanel interface and 2 -Series Ethernet control system, plus offers inputs for component video and advanced de -interlacing and line doubling for improved video image rendering.

The DVP4DI's ability to display four high -resolution windows simultaneously on a single high -resolution monitor, projection or plasma screen is unrivaled in the home automation industry.

With its ability to display multiple screens of varying and scalable sizes, the DVP4DI creates the ultimate "picture -in -picture" function for large plasma screens or TVs, as well as allowing the viewer to display cameras for security or baby monitoring on screen, any or all of the time.

Four included RS -232 control ports can be programmed to control external devices such as plasma screens or as Touch -the -PC ports to allow the user to touch through the computer window displayed onscreen and control any Windows™ -based PC.

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Incorporating 4 DVI -I inputs, the DVP4DI has the capability to accept any combination of 4 analog RGB computer sources up to 1600 x 1200 resolution, or 4 DVI digital visual interface digital computer sources up to 1280 x 1024 resolution.

Multiple video formats can be processed through the 8 BNC inputs on the DVP4DI. Any combination of composite NTSC/PAL or S -Video (Y/C) sources can be fed to the unit simultaneously. When used in either analog RGB or DVI mode, all output resolutions support 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios to best match the display device.

By adding a touch sensitive overlay to the output display, the DVP4DI transforms into a Crestron touchpanel. It is compatible with overlays such as the Smart Matisse™, Elo™, 3M™, and alternatively accepts Microsoft™ Serial Mouse pointing devices for control.

The control engine allows the DVP4DI to be used as a stand -alone master control system running control logic to support any of Crestron's network devices in the same format as all the 2 -Series control systems. The DVP4DI is also capable of running in slave mode so that it can be used with an existing 2 -Series control system in a similar fashion to a standard Isys™ touchpanel.

Touchpanel graphics, video window layouts, and effects, are all programmed using Crestron's Windows® -based VTPRO -e graphics development software.

To round out the package, a 10/100 Ethernet port with built -in Web Server provides the ultimate in e -Control™ and e -Control2 network and remote control functions, as well as high speed communications.

The Crestron DVP4DI combines the latest in video processing technology with incredible graphic and control features to provide a powerful solution for any application where high -resolution video and graphics are required.

The sum of the DVP4DI's inputs creates a 12 input x 4 video window seamless matrix switch for the ultimate in professional video switching. Combined with seamless switching, the DVP4DI also incorporates digital transition effects - fades, reveals, and pans can be applied to video windows with software definable timing for each event.

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