Tactile Sound Transducers immerse you in sound while you immerse yourself in the hot tub.

Indianapolis, IN - CEDIA Expo 2003 - Booth #201 - Clark Synthesis, the "movers and shakers" in the industry, announce their partnership with Hot Springs Spas to exclusively provide them with their revolutionary Tactile Sound Transducers (TST). Dubbed SpAudio™ by Hot Springs Spas, the hidden TSTs actuate the entire surface of the hot tub shell to create high -fidelity sound without the use of external speakers.

Slipping into a soothing hot tub is relaxing, but adding your favorite music brings the experience up a whole other level. Typically homeowners mount outdoor speakers near their hot tub for music enjoyment, but find they often can't hear the music over the roar of the water jets, or they have to crank up the sound (at the expense of their neighbors) because the speakers are located too far away. Clark Synthesis and Hot Springs Spas collaborated to co -develop the concept of a completely invisible sound system by actuating the entire surface of the hot tub shell to create high -fidelity sound.

Utilizing Sound Transmission technology, Clark Synthesis mounted TSTs to the inside of the shell of the hot tub turning its highly rigid surface into a sounding device (speaker). The result is a hot tub that completely surrounds the occupants with high -quality sound that can be heard and felt. Most recently Clark Synthesis successfully applied this technology to the eight, 12' x 10' plate glass windows to allow passersby to not only view, but also hear inside of the CNN Sports Illustrated studio in New York City.

Powering the TSTs is Clark Synthesis' 300 -watt amplifier that is also hidden within the spa's cabinet and features oversized heat sinks to tolerate the extreme temperatures. The amp's internal components are also coated for protection against water and environmental damage. The hot tub features an auxiliary control panel with fifteen volume level settings and five equalization settings to expertly dial in the TSTs sound.

For the dealer nearest you, please contact: Clark Synthesis, Inc., 8122 Southpark Lane, Suite 110, Littleton, CO. 80120. (P) 800.898.1945. (F) 303.797.7501. Web Site:

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Clark Synthesis Inc., has been breathing life -like reality into flight and warfare simulators since 1993, and has thrilled millions at major amusement and theme resort parks. Clark Synthesis is committed to bringing their technology and expertise to consumers around the world through its innovative Tactile Sound Transducers and its many applications of "Full Contact Audio™" technology.

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