ADA Is First to Provide XM Radio for Custom Installation

ADA introduced Tune Suite, its new broadcast multi-tuner at CEDIA Expo. Tune Suite includes a suite of components and accessories for FM, AM, WX (Weatherband) and XM Radio.



Richard D. Stoerger
Audio Design Associates, Inc.
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WHITE PLAINS, New York (September 1, 2003) - Audio Design Associates, Inc. (ADA) announced that it will be showing for the first time at a CEDIA Expo its dramatically new radio tuning system, Tune Suite, in Indianapolis, September 5 -7, 2003. Tune Suite derives its name from the Suite of components available for broadcast reception of FM, AM and WX (Weather Band) radio transmissions as well as XM Satellite RadioŇ. Tune Suite is designed to be integrated with ADA's Suite 8x8 and Suite 16 multi -room A/V systems and can be controlled by ADA keypads, IP control devices such as web -pads, as well as traditional touch -screen control systems. Tune Suite can also be incorporated into non -ADA systems or commercial applications.

Tune Suite begins with the Quadritune, a 3.5 inch rack -mountable chassis that can house up to four tuner modules. This flexible design permits simultaneous playback of up to four stations/channels in a distributed whole -house entertainment system. Unlike single tuner designs, end users no longer need to fight over who gets to select which program to listen to. ADA is currently offering two types of modules, a standard radio module that receives FM stereo, AM, and Weatherband (WX) broadcasts and an XM Satellite Radio module. The Tune Suite's module design permits the addition of future tuning modules like digital radio.

The FM, AM, WX module features 30 presets with extensive filtering control. In keeping with ADA's tradition of superior sound quality, the FM/AM/WX tuner module (TFM -1) sounds brilliant. For standard radio reception, Tune Suite also comes with a suite of accessories including the AML -1 AM Loop Antenna, AAC -1 Active Antenna Combiner (combines AM and FM/WX antennas onto one coax 75 Ohm output), and AAS -4 Active Antenna Splitter. These accessories permit the AML -1 AM antenna and FM/WX antenna to be located at a remote distance for the equipment mainframe with only a single 75 -Ohm coax run between the antenna location and the main equipment rack. The AAS -4 takes the single coax from the antennas and splits it to up to four standard radio modules. Control of standard radio is incredibly easy as users can skip through presets, directly access presets by number, or directly tune in stations numerically. Tune Suite actually differentiates a numeric preset request and from a numeric station request. One can also seek up and down the radio dial and Tune Suite even features adjustable seek level sensitivity. Tune Suite provides feedback of the station number and for each of the 30 presets, a four -character label (i.e. ROCK, JAZZ, WABC, NEWS, etc.)

In keeping up with the most advanced technologies and consumer trends, Tune Suite also features an XM Satellite RadioŇ module. XM RadioŇ offers unique programming, conveniently grouped in categories to make finding one's favorite music easier than ever before. With over 100 channels there are more choices available and over one -third are completely commercial free. XM Radio does require both a one -time activation fee and a monthly subscription per tuner module. "We are extremely proud to be the first custom installation manufacturer to offer XM Radio," states Richard D. Stoerger, ADA's Vice President and C.O.O. "The digital sound quality is spectacular, in keeping with ADA's focus on superior sounding electronics."

Dan Murphy, XM Sr. Vice President of OEM and Retail Distribution notes, "No high -end system is complete without XM Radio. We're thrilled that a renowned industry leader such as ADA is providing XM for the custom installation market." Users can surf XM Radio by skipping through channels or preset favorites and directly entering a numeric channel number. Tune Suite also offers the ability to advance through XM Radio categories and once on a category, skip through just the stations that are in that category. Tune Suite provides full feedback of channel number, channel name, category name, artist name and song name. These display on ADA keypads or touch screens. Stoerger notes, "As far as I can tell, while you can rig up one of those entry -level XM Radios to play through a multi -room system, you really can't control an XM Radio if you can't see what you are selecting. ADA is the first to offer an XM tuner that can seamlessly integrate into a multi -room system. When using our MC -5000, MC -4500, MC -5500, MC -3000 Outdoor, or MC -3800 Outdoor keypads, you have full control over XM without complex menus or button layers. For those who have systems controlled with only touch screens, ADA provides a software version for the XM Radio module where all five levels of feedback can be displayed at once."

In addition to the actual XM Radio tuner modules, ADA provides a suite of accessories that permits XM Radio reception to work within the elements of a custom installation. Here, in addition to the XMA -1 XM Antenna, ADA provides the XMLA -1 XM Line Amplifier, which connects to the XM antenna's 50 Ohm cable/jack and up -converts the signal onto a standard 75 Ohm Coax which custom installers are familiar with. They can then run the XM Radio signal up to 130 feet on standard RG -6 cable from the XM Antenna location to the central equipment rack where it plugs into one of two possible down -converters. For systems with only one XM tuner module, ADA provides the XMC -75 75 Ohm to 50 Ohm XM Converter. For two, three, or four XM tuners, the XMLS -4 XM Converter/Splitter is used which down -converts the signal to 50 Ohms and splits it four ways. Albert G. Langella, ADA's President and Chief Design Engineer notes, "The 50 Ohm XM antenna specification uses a cable on the antenna that has nearly a ½ dB signal loss per linear foot and that is why the antenna has only a 16 foot wire on it. In a car or freestanding stereo system, running the XM antenna to the window is entirely possible. However, in a custom installation, having a 16 -foot limit on the distance between the antenna and the tuner is a real challenge. That is why ADA spent so much effort in making certain a delivery system was provided that works for the custom installer. After all, what good is the technology if you can't get it to work?"

The Tune Suite can house up to four tuner modules. Popular configurations include two standard FM/AM/WX tuners and two XM tuners. Others have ordered four XM tuners so that each member of the household can listen to their own XM station simultaneously. ADA even offers an entry -level package simply called Tune Suite. This package includes the chassis complete with one standard tuner and one XM Radio tuner. In addition you also get all the accessories for both XM and standard radio reception, including both the XM and AM antennas, line amplifiers, and line receivers. This package also comes at a great savings of nearly $1250.00, a cost of $2499.00 instead of $3747.00. To this, one can add additional modules on an a la carte basis.

For existing systems, ADA also offers a single -slot black box that can house either one XM or one standard radio module. The TSS -1 can be located behind an existing equipment rack and works with existing ADA Bus systems or other control systems.

Headquartered in White Plains, New York, ADA has been the undisputed leader in the fields of high -end home theater and multi -room technology since 1977.
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