Acoustically Transparent, Moiré -Free Projection Screens from Screen Research Debut at CEDIA

At StJohn Group's exhibit (booth 528), see and hear ClearPix™ by Screen Research: the world's first acoustically transparent video projection screens designed for use with fixed-pixel projectors

September 5, 2003 - Indianapolis, IN - Home theater designers know that in a front -projection theater, the center speaker belongs behind the screen. Traditional perforated screens allow them to do this, but there are two drawbacks. First, the screen affects the sound quality in ways that cannot be corrected. Second, perforated screens cause moiré interference in the image from fixed -pixel (LCD, DLP, and D -ILA) projectors. ClearPix, from Screen Research, solves both problems and allows designers to create higher -performance FlatCinema™ theaters for their clients.

ClearPix™ by Screen Reasearch is the first projection video screen that does not compromise picture or sound quality. You can place loudspeakers behind it with no performance penalty, and enjoy LCD, DLP, and D -ILA projection images completely free of moiré interference patterns.

Unlike traditional vinyl perforated screens, ClearPix uses patent -pending fabrics that are geometrically optimized for acoustical transparency. There are no holes, and the screen absorbs virtually none of the acoustic energy flowing through it.

The sound through a traditional perforated screen suffers from serious comb -filter effects (most audible as smeared vocal sibilants) that can't be fixed with corrective equalization. And while a Center loudspeaker positioned below the screen may seem acceptable at first, the difference in apparent locations reduces realism and induces listener fatigue.

With ClearPix, you can place the Center loudspeaker where it belongs - behind the screen and at the proper height for optimum sound and image coherence. With only a 1dB attenuation across the frequency band (and no additional roll -off at high frequencies), you simply set the Center speaker level 1dB higher. No EQ box required!

The holes in a perforated screen plague DLP, LCD, and D -ILA projectors by creating interference patterns known as "Moiré." The only way to eliminate these patterns is to use a screen surface with no visible black or dark perforations - which is exactly what ClearPix provides. There is no interference with the pixel matrix, regardless of its resolution.

ClearPix is available in fixed and electric retractable models, in standard and custom widths, and in white or grey. The fixed models employ a patented frame design. Instead of using snaps or Velcro®, the screen fabric is stretched evenly via self -tensioning V -shaped grooves. A spring tension insert grabs the fabric and locks it firmly into the frame with no bowing or creasing. The frame's flocked velour finish eliminates distracting stray light reflections.

ClearPix acoustically transparent fabrics are made with Screen Research proprietary threads, designed and dyed to provide optimum light scattering, neutral color rendition and optimum opacity. ClearPix1 - for fixed -screen models - is matte white (0.95 gain). ClearPix2 - for fixed and retractable screens - is available in matte white (0.95 gain) or pearl grey (0.75 gain).

The Screen Research web site ( is scheduled for launch during or just after the CEDIA 2003 Expo. Until then, contact StJohn Group for all information.

Designed and engineered in France, Screen Research screens are distributed and marketed in North America by StJohn Group. Qualified consumers who wish to purchase will be directed to an authorized dealer or to the nearest "auditioning" dealer. During the initial distribution development phase, and only if no authorized dealers exist in their area, consumers may also purchase directly through StJohn Group at suggested retail prices. Contact StJohn Group for details.

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