Phonex Unveils Reliability Features for ReadyWire Powerline Chip

ReadyWire reliability features provide developers with advanced methods to ensure delivery of data over powerline

Phonex Unveils Reliability Features for ReadyWire Powerline Chip

- ReadyWire reliability features provide developers with advanced methods to ensure delivery of data over powerline -

October 7, 2003 - Salt Lake City, UT - Phonex Broadband TM Corporation (, a world leader in Power Line Carrier (PLC) voice and data communication devices, today unveiled their portfolio of reliability features for the ReadyWire Powerline Communications Chip.

"ReadyWire contains advanced technologies to increase reliability," said John Knab, CEO of Phonex. "Using these features, the ReadyWire chip improves data delivery in even the harshest of environments. In wireless and powerline communications, the fundamental challenges are connection success and reliable speed. These reliability features dramatically improve the ability to connect as well as the usable, reliable bandwidth available for voice, audio, video and home automation applications."

ReadyWire reliability features include:
Walsh FEC (forward error correction) - A highly reliable form of sending redundant data over a channel to reduce data loss.
Packet CRC - An extra layer of correction that detects errors and requests a re -transmit of packets from the source. It can be used with or without Walsh FEC.
Streaming MAC - Under Walsh FEC, Audio and Voice Communication can be streamed without Packet CRC overhead to increase throughput by up to 25%.
Tone Jammer Correction - Identifies interfering frequencies, removes data received on that frequency and allows the Walsh FEC to correct any data loss.
Redundant Commands - Data can be transmitted simultaneously on several TimeSlots to ensure delivery. Commands can also be repeated until confirmed or timed out.
Low Harmonics - The frequency used is narrow and avoids frequency harmonics found in many other wireless and powerline technologies, increasing throughput.
Frequency Choice - The Frequency range used by ReadyWire has very little interference from other communications such as HAM bands, cordless phones, microwave, WiFi or Homeplug signals.
Advanced Filtering - Transmit and receive signals are designed such that other frequencies and noise are tightly filtered out of range to improve performance.
Repeater enabled - Communications can easily be amplified and repeated in a harsh signal environment.
Easy Phase Jumping - Signals jump between phases with greater efficiency using the frequencies in ReadyWire.

The ReadyWire Powerline Home Communications Chip
The ReadyWire Powerline Home Communications Chip will provide developers with vastly improved methods for connecting every type of device in the home with voice connections, streaming digital audio, Internet style web cam video and home automation control. In addition, this new chip uses an ARM 946 processor core with up to 100 MIPS of reserve power. Developers will be able to access this processor to operate other device functions such as device control, modems and MP3 decoders and realize a significant savings in design costs. The patented ReadyWire design is co -existent with other communication technologies and offers a broad range of development interfaces. With its available processor power and multi -media connectivity, the ReadyWire ASIC chip will enable a new market of inexpensive, connected devices for the home. Phonex development of the ASIC is complete and engineering samples will be available by December, 2003. Formal Development kits will be available by June, 2004.

The ReadyWire Home Communications Chip enables the following applications:
MP3 streaming audio to powerline speakers throughout the home
A web camera connection at any power outlet
High -quality, multi -line phone systems over powerline
Intercom connections using the electrical wiring
Embedded powerline phone connections for any device
MODEM phone connection base available to every device in the home
450 kbps speed for home networking (DSL like speed)
599 kbps speed for multiple compressed audio streams
Encrypted home automation and control of 3,750 devices
The ReadyWire Home Communications Chip offers the following features:
Open development platform with full featured development kits
Broadcast near CD quality audio signal to 250 Devices (599 kbps)
TimeSlot QoS to ensure excellent link quality under load
Up to 7 separate simultaneous compressed audio channels
Up to 7 separate simultaneous high -quality, full -duplex voice lines
Automation control of 250 devices on each of 15 domains
3DES encryption to protect data traffic
Inexpensive, highly integrated chip solution with voiceband codecs
Includes ODM Accessible ARM 946 Processor Core - a significant design savings
Co -existent with Powerline Standards
Unmatched connection reliability with no hardware required for phase jumping

For more information about ReadyWire or about its availability, readers can contact Phonex at

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Founded in 1988, Phonex Broadband Corporation, based in Midvale, Utah, is a privately held company recognized as the world's largest supplier of powerline -based voice and data products. Phonex Broadband's proprietary technology enables telephone and data devices to communicate reliably using standard electrical wiring. The technology is protected by multiple patents. Phonex has sold more than 10 million powerline products worldwide and was the first company to market a broadband networking device that turns any electrical outlet into a 10BaseT Ethernet port. Phonex is a member of CEA, the Consumer Electronics Association, and the HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

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