Genčve to be Launchpad for Integrated Systems Events

New Europe Tradeshow Targets Buyers of Corporate, Institutional and Residential Electronic Systems

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Genčve, Switzerland - 29th September, 2003 - At a gathering today of key European technology press correspondents, three leading international electronic systems trade associations explained their plans for new trade fairs to serve their combined industries in Europe.

The inaugural Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) show will be held on February 3 -5, 2004 at Genčve PALEXPO in Switzerland. This new event will be a "first" for Europe which has seen only technology -segmented shows that serve just a fraction of the whole integrated systems market. ISE will be a pan -European event that will also be new to Europe, where the technology -segmented shows are generally identified with the country in which they are held.

ISE expects to have over 120 exhibitors and occupy over 6,000 square meters of space. Similarly, ISE expects that over 7,000 visitors will come to the show to meet with these exhibitors and to participate in the education and networking programs.

Carlo Lamprecht, State Councillor - Minister of Economic Affairs, Genčve, was on hand to describe the many important benefits of the city. "We have here a city that is open to the world, a true Pan -European venue," he said. "It is at the junction of north -south motorways and offers an international airport, so it is clear why Genčve is home to the United Nations, international organizations, and diplomatic missions."

Mike Blackman, Managing Director of ISE, introduced the executive directors of the associations, whose goals in holding the press conference were to outline their mission, vision and plans to serve their constituencies more effectively by offering business, educational and networking opportunities around the world:
• Billilynne D. Keller, Executive Director of The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association® (CEDIA®), a global trade association of companies that specialize in planning and installing electronic systems for the home.
• Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director of the International Communications Industries Association® (ICIA®), the premier trade association for the professional audiovisual communications industry and founder of the InfoComm tradeshows.
• Charles Wilson, Executive Director of the National Systems Contractors Association®, the leading trade association representing the commercial electronic systems industry.

"We're looking forward to helping our members and industries develop business opportunities that may not have been previously available," said Ms. Keller of CEDIA. "Our events provide a platform for selling and buying technology, offer highly skilled training, and enable people to get together, share ideas, and conduct business."

Integrated Systems Events has as its vision "to define excellence in trade shows in Europe and Asia through the implementation of world class exhibition and education practices that meet the cultural and business needs of the regions in which they are held."

"Integrated Systems Europe will open on 2nd February with a unique ISE business conference," announced Dr. Lemke of ICIA. "Top market analysts and industry experts will present to our visitors the compelling evidence that has led to the creation of our systems integration tradeshow in Europe. They will offer information on current and future business and technological issues that are key to our industries."

As one measure of the integrated systems market in Europe, the projector market is expected to experience very healthy growth. According to one of ICIA's market intelligence partners, IDC, the Western European projector market will be worth $2.47 billion in 2003 and is expected to grow by a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.1% between 2001 and 2006.

The ISE business conference will concentrate on residential and professional markets, electronics technologies from a market perspective, competitiveness, finances, future directions and other subjects of interest to those involved in executive management, senior management, sales and marketing, financial management, and other business specialties, as well as to technologists who wish to broaden their perspective and stay ahead of development.

A series of events is planned throughout the conference for exhibitors and distributors to network, share their experience and conduct business, and manufacturers will also be invited to offer product training. An opening reception on the eve of 2nd February will formally kick off the exhibition and conference.

Following Dr. Lemke's presentation, Mr. Wilson of NSCA described the educational curriculum, which includes a broad mix of in -depth workshops, core technology seminars, and training sessions provided individually by each association.

"Education is central to the development of the industry, just as it is central to all three of our associations' missions." said Mr. Wilson. "The participation and support of many technical and business experts from both Europe and the United States allows us to offer premier educational opportunities. We are grateful for their willingness to lend their expertise."

Pre -conference educational sessions planned include a certification preparatory course, a systems design course, and a sound system optimization workshop. The core technology seminars cover topics that are integral to the electronic systems approach that is the hallmark of the Integrated Systems Events. They include:
• Overview of Display Technologies
• An Overview Of Integrating Internet Protocol (IP) Into Today's Audiovisual (A/V) Systems
• Projection Screen Technology
• Control System Basics
• Preventing Earth Loop Problems
• Sound System Measurement and Alignment

Each association will present a variety of seminars that is representative of its unique niche in the systems market: CEDIA's focus is on home theatre and residential audiovisual systems; ICIA seminars offer a mix of sound, projection, display and lighting techniques for the professional audiovisual market; and NSCA brings solutions for sales and management challenges unique to systems contractors as well as audio and integrated application topics. A representative selection of the seminars is listed below.

Mr. Blackman then gave an overview of Integrated Systems Europe, explaining its positioning for the European community as well as reasons that the Genčve PALEXPO was chosen as the best venue for the trade fair.

"This is a pan -European trade fair," said Mr. Blackman. "It will offer best practices from the experiences of these three top -notch associations, but with the flair and standards known by Europeans." He went on to reiterate that the exhibition and conference were created with a systems approach in mind, catering to the professional business community of manufacturers, dealers, distributors, specifiers and buyers.

Genčve had been chosen as one of the most convenient locations for all Europeans to access, while the Genčve PALEXPO, host to many European and international events, offered enormous benefits to exhibiting companies within the unique audiovisual and electronic systems industries. In addition, Genčve hotel pricing during February compares favorably to other major European cities, while VAT is lower and air and train connections are reasonable.

Bruno Lurati, General Manager of the Genčve PALEXPO, said "The PALEXPO Hall 6, just new in 2003, is a state of the art facility and we truly welcome Integrated Systems Europe to our city and will do all we can to make it a success."

"We are promoting this as the must -attend trade event for all professionals in the European integrated systems industries," added Mr. Blackman."

A sampling of the educational program is listed here. In total presenters have committed to presenting 46 separate program over a four day period. Please check the website at for details.
• ICIA Institute for Professional Development
- Essentials "Live" - A Preparatory Class for the CTS Exam
• Scott Wills CTS -D, CTS -I, ICIA Senior Trainer
- Selling the Perfect Image - Systems Design for Sales Professionals
• Jody Thomas CTS, Kayye Consulting
• NSCA Pre -Show Workshop
- Sound Systems Optimization Workshop
• Pat Brown, Syn Aud Con
• Overview of Display Technologies
- Jody Thomas, CTS, Kayye Consulting
• An Overview Of Integrating IP Into Today's A/V Systems
- Jan Braams, Extron Europe
• Projection Screen Technology
- Don Stewart, Stewart Filmscreen Corporation
• Control System Basics
- Dave Silberstein CTS, Marja Harms, Crestron Europe
• Preventing Earth Loop Problems
- John M. Woodgate, JM Woodgate and Associates
• Sound System Measurement and Alignment
- Mauricio Ramirez, Meyer Sound Europe
CEDIA SEMINARS (four of 12 offered)
• CEDIA's 7 Steps to Home Theater
- Anthony Grimani, (delivered in French and English)
• Multi -room Audio -Visual Distribution Systems
- David Graham
• How to Keep Your Clients Smiling
- Andy Willcox, CEDIA
• Producing a Design to Meet the Clients' Needs
- Steve Moore, CEDIA
ICIA SEMINARS (four of 12 offered)
• Planning and Execution of Audiovisual Technical Projects
- Andreas Promny, AK Media GmbH)
• Lighting Control Within Integrated Systems
- Robert Simpson, Electrosonic Ltd.
• Behind the Widescreens
- Markus Ries, Lang Audiovision AG
• Importance of Echo Cancelling for Full Duplex Audio in Interactive Audio and Video Conferences
- Jan Wintersberg, Clear One
NSCA SEMINARS (four of 12 offered)
• Introduction to Line Source Array Systems
- Alain Pouillon -Guibert
• Measuring Sound Fields in Enclosed Spaces
- Pat Brown, Syn -Aud -Con
• Acoustics and Room Facility Design
- Dirk Noy, Walters -Storyk Design Group Europe
• Reducing Costs and Gaining Flexibility With Networked Audio
- Stéphane Bert, Digigram

The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association® (CEDIA®) is a global trade association of companies that specialize in planning and installing electronic systems for the home. These systems include home networking, home automation and communication systems, media rooms, single or multi -room entertainment systems, and integrated whole -house subsystems providing control of lighting, security and HVAC systems. The association was founded in September 1989 and has a total membership of approximately 2,200 member companies. CEDIA members are established and insured businesses with bona fide qualifications and experience in this specialized field. CEDIA is a not -for -profit organization based in Indianapolis, Ind. For more information on CEDIA, visit the association's web site at

The International Communications Industries Association, Inc.® (ICIA®) is the premier trade association for the professional audiovisual communications industry. ICIA is the founder of InfoComm, the conference and trade exposition for audiovisual communications professionals who come to learn about the latest technologies and available services as well as new and alternative applications. As a key industry event, InfoComm is the educational and interactive marketplace for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, systems integrators, rental and staging companies, independent representatives, independent design consultants, architects, facilities managers, engineers, presentations designers and end users, including AV and IT professionals, sales and marketing staff, meeting planners and purchasers. InfoComm attracts a broad spectrum of market sectors, including business, government, military, education, religion, health care, entertainment and conventions. ICIA also serves its worldwide membership as the pre -eminent provider of education, training and certification for professional audiovisual systems integration and communications. ICIA has over 2,700 member companies and individuals representing tens of thousands of AV professionals. For more information on ICIA, visit the association's website at

The National Systems Contractors Association® is the leading trade association representing the commercial electronic systems industry. With a slate of more than 2,700 member companies worldwide, the NSCA is a powerful advocate of all who work within the low -voltage industry, including systems contractors/integrators, product manufacturers, consultants, sales representatives, a growing number of architects, specifying engineers and others. The NSCA is dedicated to building connections between the people, knowledge and new ideas required to work toward the development of a more livable built environment. For more information on NSCA, visit the association's website at

A joint venture between International Communications Industries Association, Inc® and MP Asia Pte Ltd, InfoCommAsia Pte Ltd (IAPL) was formed to meet the unique needs of the Asian clients and customers in the audiovisual industry. On behalf of the CEDIA, ICIA and NSCA, IAPL is the organizer of the Integrated Systems China (12th to 14th May, 2004) and Integrated Systems Asia (2005) Events. Recently, MP Asia received the Enterprise 50 award for the second consecutive year. To date, it has organized and managed over 200 major national, regional and international events. Singapore -based IAPL is the organizer of InfoComm Asia and InfoComm China in Asia. For more information, please visit the show websites at and


For ISE, Marcel Brunnthaler, : +49 89 -3605499 -11 Hansmann PR
For CEDIA: Brittany Nims, ; 800/669 -5329 or 317/571 -5602;
For ICIA/InfoComm: Taly Walsh,; 800/659 -7469 or 703/273 -7200;
For NSCA: Kim Doyle,; 800/446 -6722 or 319/366 -6722;

For CEDIA: Don Gilpin,; 800/669 -5329 or 317/571 -5602;
For ICIA/InfoComm: Jason McGraw,; 800/659 -7469 or 703/273 -7200;
For NSCA: Lee Langhorst,; 847/362 -8402;
For ISE > Michael Blackman, : +49 89 6600 2877

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